WASTE RECYCLING Ready for the challenge

CARDIFF Metal Merchants have made a substantial investment in an MG 220VZT cable granulation plant capa- ble of processing 500kgs per hour of ca- ble thanks to JMC Recycling. The plant replaces their existing cable granula- tion machinery giving them over three times more input volume capability.

The Line consists of a large pre-shredder, conveyor including over band magnet with magnetic top roller and an MG 220VZT. The MG 220VZT is made up of the following items: Granulator, Zig Zag, turbo pulveriser, separation table and a large dust filter.

Conor Dash from Cardiff Metal Merchants explained: “We used the COVID-19 pan- demic to re-evaluate certain areas of the business and our strategy post lockdown. We found our existing cable plant couldn’t cope with the volume of cable we are able to secure and needed to increase the capacity considerably. Using our service partner JMC Recycling we were able to build a plant that would suit our demand.”

He added “JMC Recycling guided us through the purchasing of the equipment and completed the transaction with training for all of our operators. The plant was installed mid-June and thus far we are over the moon with the quality of the machine and the ongoing support from JMC Recycling.”

MG Recycling based in Ferrara, Italy has been building quality granulation plants since 1995. JMC Recycling, or ‘Mcintyre’ as they are better known, has been the sole UK agent for MG Recycling since 2005 and has sold over 300 MG granulation plants. MG supply cable granulation plants from 100 kg/hr input to 2000 kg/hr.

Defiance, compliance or alliance?

OVER the years MPG have come across every operator imaginable. Some refuse to stick to the rules (and don’t hang around for long), some work hard to become compliant and some take it a step further and form an alliance.

Alliance might be too strong a term, but what MPG have seen is that operators who form a good working relationship with the regulators (Environment Agency/ local authority) tend to reap the rewards. But, it all starts with compliance.

Let’s take the Environment Agency (EA). Their purpose is to protect and improve the environment. They aim to “work with businesses to help them comply with environmental regulations”. Receiving a letter or phone call from the EA can cause heart palpations, even for the most compliant of operators, but with the right tool-kit, this need not be the case.


Over the past few years MPG have been promoting Compliance Audits within organisations. These are audits of your planning permissions and Environmental Permits. They can be carried out internally or, for a more critical view, by an external consultant. The purpose of the audit is to highlight any areas of non-compliance in order to correct it and keep track of your site’s compliance going forward. Such an audit isn’t a formal requirement and the results of the audit are for your business to do with what you please. MPG has found that the majority of companies who have carried out these audits, went on to inform the regulators about it and this has resulted in an improved relationship between the two.

The regulators appreciate organisations making attempts to improve their oper- ations and compliance as it makes their life easier because it results in a lower risk for harm to the environment or human

health. Operators who are more aware of their requirements to be complaint usual- ly find their sites operate more efficiently and that they have fewer phone calls and letters from the regulators as a result.

During COVID-19, MPG has continued to carry out Compliance Audits of sites re- motely, with a very positive response from both operators and the regulators. Some audits recommended simple changes which resulted in the operator becoming compliant, others have highlighted entire planning permissions that an operator didn’t even know existed, instantly in- creasing a site’s capacity and value.

Whether you choose to carry out your own audit or you engage a consultancy, it is something well worth doing. Take stock of your compliance, improve your business and be that operator that has got it covered.

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