relied upon it to allow us provide an essential on-going service to our key customers,” said Mr Patterson.

e never

“One of the key factors that we focused on primarily using the Kiverco plant during lockdown is its highly automated design. There was not one big picking station and, given that few pickers are required any- way, it could be easily adapted for social distancing.”

He added: “I had not expected anything so unprecedented to have happened in this, our first year and the plant has had to work hard but it has performed. We are certainly running large loads through this system – it has really been put to the test. It has kept us going and in a way that en- sures we can keep up our levels of service.”

the long run. While it is not an easy deci- sion at this time, those who have taken the leap to invest have seen that invest- ment pay off during this recent crisis.

Take for example Remondis which turned to Kiverco a year ago to design and build its first plant in the UK. Steve Patterson, Managing Director, has spoken out stating that the capex side of things, while im- portant, is far less so than a system which does not deliver on all fronts continuously regardless of circumstances.

Little did he know how much his company would come to rely on the plant in its first 12 months as a result of the COVID-19 crisis.

“Our Kiverco plant, which has just passed its first anniversary, has kept us going through this entire lockdown. The plant has been the backbone of us getting through this critical time and we have

As he looks back on the inaugural year of the new plant, Mr Patterson reflected: “It has been amazing to us that we have had to have so little contact with Kiverco. We have not really had to contact them about anything which is quite unusual with a new plant so that has been a new experience for me. Usually there are more teething issues.”

When Remondis acquired Newcas- tle-based waste management company JBT, the facility had limited capacity, relied on manual labour and was inefficient. The brief was to double processing capacity while drastically improving quality and quantity of recovered materials using min- imum manual labour to lower operating costs and make quality levels sustainable.

Kiverco delivered a highly automated plant where quality of manual work is less labour intensive, safer and conducted in a healthier atmosphere. Today Remondis is able to process double previous quantities and achieve over 95 per cent purities - with only six pickers.

This has allowed Remondis to expand its customer base and deliver high quality services to local authorities. Residual waste fraction has reduced by more than

 John Paul Devlin, Area Sales Manager for Kiverco

10 per cent and recycled outputs are sent to higher grade end-uses.

The Kiverco recycling solution has inte- grated a variety of sorting systems includ- ing screens, magnets, density separators and near infrared sorting technology and has been built to process a minimum of 45 tonnes per hour.

John Paul Devlin, Area Sales Manager for Kiverco, who has worked with Remondis from the outset of this project said: “We were delighted to be selected to design and deliver this flagship recycling solution for waste management leader Remondis and that it has performed so well for the company during this challenging time for our industry and people all around the world.

“I think this story demonstrates the need for intelligent, automated equipment to adapt to this new way of working we are all facing – and that it will be an invest- ment well worth making and one that quickly provides pay back.”


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