Solutions on winning the 2017 ITIJ Assistance Company of the Year Award. What does winning this award mean to your company, and how do you plan to leverage the win going forward? As one of the newer players in the assistance industry, the award was a major boost. Great for company morale, but also when speaking to new, potential clients the title is fairly unequivocal! We also won Insurance Day Claims Team of the Year which, when the two are taken together, present a pretty strong case for clients to use NGS over anyone else! T e ITIJ Award was for operational capability and innovation – both of which the assistance industry has been starved of at a time when the insurance industry has been under signifi cant pressure. We were delighted to win.

What are the most challenging aspects of your job? Getting in front of clients and persuading them that what we do is diff erent and that it can make a signifi cant diff erence to their operation in terms of client service/renewal and claims reduction. T e assistance model hasn’t changed for 40 years and most

senior personalities within the insurance industry feel, with some justifi cation, that they understand it. Coming along with something genuinely innovative is often hard to get across, particularly through all the ‘smoke and mirrors’ that exist within assistance.

What are your proudest

achievements, both professionally and personally? Apart from holding a family with four children together while launching and building a company? Seriously, I often remind our people that business is business but actually hardly a day goes by, and certainly not a week, where if it were not for the unique and specifi c involvement of NGS, someone would die. Clearly the majority of cases are not as dramatic as life or death, but some are, and as travel patterns widen around the world, assistance companies need to be able to meet these

changing needs. As they used to say in the Army – train hard, fi ght easy. Or in other words, if you can do the harder, more challenging cases, the bread-and-butter, day-to-day cost containment and liaison ones will be easier too.

If you could do any other job in the world, what would it be and why? T is is what I do.

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