contents Crisis management

How is new technology making assistance companies' lives easier?


Case study Hard times for a case manager




Ted Jones, CEO of Northcott Global Solutions in the UK

Medical oversight 42

What does it take to be a medical director for an assistance company?

Healthy mind, healthy body Caring for expatriates' mental health


Going Dutch A collaborative model


Going off-grid

The complexities of rendering assistance in remote areas

Editorial comment

Sarah Watson Editor, ITIJ

Every second counts What's driving trends in security assistance?


T e topics under discussion in this year’s fi rst Assistance & Repatriation Review vary as widely as the travel assistance sector itself. We start by looking at the management of emergency situations, considering how technology can enable companies to prevent an emergency from turning into a full- blown crisis (p4). T is article touches fl eetingly on an employers’ duty of care, which is a theme echoed in the article from Aetna International on the importance of employee assistance programmes (p8). T e advancements made by specialist security assistance fi rms in providing their services to travellers in today’s uncertain world is also included in the Review (p12), while the challenges of providing assistance to travellers in very remote areas is discussed on p32. Medical directors of assistance companies should be practising physicians, is the consensus of industry veterans we spoke to for our Medical Oversight article – read more about why this is the case on p42. Elsewhere, we look into the collaborative Dutch assistance model (p28), and we get up to speed with the view of Ted Jones, CEO of ITIJ Award winner Northcott Global Solutions, in our Profi le on p.40. Look out for ITIJ’s next Assistance & Repatriation Review in October!

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Carry on escorting

The strange world of commercial medical escorts


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