reviews. The quarterly reviews are less formal, but they provide the chance to offer feedback and to listen. We also offer training on various topics on a monthly basis to present opportunities for career development.

As brokers, we rely on both our customers and our carriers, and building strong relations on both sides is

analysis and find ways to identify areas where they can make improvements. Our customers come to see us as true partners, because we’re providing value that they aren’t getting anywhere else.

Through data analysis concerning our carriers, we’ve learned that we get better service and achieve higher margins when we work with the same carriers over and over again, and minimize using one-and-done truckers. In order to foster closer relationships with our preferred carriers, we’ve started the Sunset Core Carrier Awards. We identify our top carriers and recognize them with an award that thanks them for being a Sunset Core Carrier. Our communication with them encourages them to work with us further by emphasizing the benefits of a stronger partnership.

“By providing our staff with the tools they need to handle their jobs every day, the McLeod system allowed us to propel our growth immediately, but this powerful technology has the potential to do much more.”

– Lindsey Graves, COO, Sunset Transportation

Investments in People and Technology

When a business grows as rapidly as we have, one of the most difficult decisions is when to invest in hiring more people and better technology. You have to evaluate when spending the money on hiring someone will bring the best return. Our approach has been to pay close attention to our internal needs and to the needs of our customers.

In many cases, hiring new personnel has gone hand in hand with investing in technology. For example, at one point, we decided that one of the best additions for our staff was a business analyst. This came after we had made the decision to invest in McLeod. A business analyst was a critical part of leveraging our technology investment.

By providing our staff with the tools they need to handle their jobs every day, the McLeod system allowed us to propel our growth immediately, but this powerful technology has the potential to do much more. We saw the opportunity not only to gain visibility into our business, but also to use data analysis to understand our customers’ businesses. We have used the new insights our business analyst can pull out of McLeod to make advances with both decision-making internally and customer consultations externally.

a fundamental part of our company culture. With our customers, we want to be seen as much more than just someone who handles a freight transaction. We want to be seen as an extension of their business.

This means we don’t limit our work to simply getting the freight moved. We also apply our resources to helping our customers find ways to enhance the way they manage shipments. We pull data out of our McLeod system for

All brokers and carriers who have McLeod are fortunate to be operating on such an advanced system with so many cutting-edge tools. At Sunset, we are striving to utilize these tools to their fullest capacity. If you take the time and dedicate the resources to invest in this technology, it will help produce growth for you. It certainly has for us.

By Lindsey Graves, COO for Sunset Transportation

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