OF HIGH EXPLOSIVES... …the trick is not to be around when they go off…

It is the end of the second week of March and I’ve an unusual struggle to come up with a topic to write about. Usually it’s been easy; I once had an idea of what I would next write within three hours of the copy for the previous edition of the ‘Ghost’ being put to bed…not this time though!

These are strange times we seem to live in with momentous events taking place along with some vastly tragic ones. So how can I encompass my thoughts on what I see, hear and feel about these times in these few short words? A task that has so obviously proved too much for many experienced, professional individuals to do…other than to vote or say ‘…NO!’. I cannot…but I can perhaps make some observations.

A few days ago whilst pondering about events and how I could express my thoughts in written form, I also happened to be simultaneously and   reader that I love cinema, the process of production, watching it and even on occasion helping a few ventures along the way. Anyway…I casually stumbled upon part of the 2008 historical thriller ‘Valkyrie’, a Tom Cruise vehicle which I recalled caused some  which caught my attention. It was the excellent performance by the German actor Christian Berkel whom I recalled from the oft parodied but brilliant Downfall, Inglourious Basterds and the excellent Flame & Citron.


In the scene I watched, Berkel’s character is trying to explain how the group can carry out a major political  with the careful application of high explosives…the 

For some reason, this echoed in my mind as to what had recently been happening in Westminster. In this case the high explosive was not a chemical kind but a political one; a referendum used to sort out one problem but with no guarantee of outcome, subsequent impact or extra collateral damage could result. I am sure that there may’ve seemed no other reasonable alternative course of action to those  under two weeks left to go and with no solution other than the one many thought would never happen.

These are obviously momentous times which will be pored over through the glass of history in days to come. Yet in the very near future…in the next few months, we may also have a liquidity storm in the markets that at the best of times would’ve been hard to steer but with the distraction of current political events, may make it worse or intolerable. We can all  group of international holidays and holy days come together. Easter, May Day holidays (both of them!), Ramadan and Golden Week all come together in the next few weeks and months. It’s reasonable to  severely as a consequence of the absence of market participants…and that is without additional political  I saw many utterly fed up with market movements. These frustrations, especially accumulated over time, may lead to further illiquidity.

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