Further support

‘£1,000 to fund outdoor learning’ Woodlands Park Primary School in Ivybridge, Devon (300 pupils), received £1,000 from Persimmon Homes South West to fund 50% of an outdoor learning package. Headteacher Steve Bone, who applied for the funds, says: ‘My vision for the pupils is to increase their connection to the local environment, and develop their love and knowledge of learning outside the classroom by walking from the school onto the moors. There, the children will have the opportunity to learn a range of skills such as cooking on an open fire, shelter building and map making. The idea is that our children will then be able to use the maps they’ve made to take their parents on the walk, thereby helping our wider community to connect more to the local environment.’

‘£1,000 for theatrical equipment’ Bushmead Primary School in St Neots, Cambridgeshire (324 pupils), received £1,000 to help with an overhaul of the school hall’s audio-visual equipment, stage lighting and decoration. The funding application was put together by the school’s headteacher, Steve Down. ‘We are incredibly grateful for the donation,’ he says. ‘Our school has a mixed

catchment area: 20% of pupils are from an area of deprivation, 34% are pupil-premium funded, 76 pupils are SEND, and three are young carers. We want to create an exciting environment for all our pupils so that they can develop their self-esteem and confidence, and build a sense of pride and achievement by participating in enriched school productions.’

HOW TO APPLY FOR A PERSIMMON GRANT It’s simple to apply using the online form. There’s no need to be a registered charity, and you can apply for funding to match the amount you’ve already raised for any project. You will need to specify how much has already been raised, the donation amount requested and why you deserve a

If you’re not in a position to apply for match funding, Persimmon can work with your school in other ways. Pupils at Rhos Primary School in Rhos, Swansea (left) created a time capsule to be buried under Persimmon’s West Wales Allt Y Celyn housing development. The children attended the burial of the capsule, which contained a school jumper, a decorative Welsh ‘lovespoon’ and newspaper. Pupils were also set a challenge to design road safety signs, the best of which were made into actual signs and erected outside the development. Children were taken on tours of the building site to teach them about the construction industry. Deputy headteacher Claire Jones says: ‘Our pupils thoroughly enjoyed their trip. There has been a lot of curiosity about the site as it’s close to school, so it was great for the children to see exactly what was going on. We’re also keen to introduce our pupils to different occupations, even at this early stage of their lives. Maybe there are some budding builders among them!’


Building Futures competition

donation. Winning applications are likely to be things that stand out on the page. Chances may be increased by

providing as much evidence as possible of how the project will benefit the people it will reach. For more information, visit

As an official partner of Team GB, Persimmon Homes has set up the annual Building Futures competition as a way to support children’s physical and mental health. In 2019, the competition donated a total of £1million to schools, clubs and community services for young people, and this will continue up to and beyond the Olympic Games in Tokyo. The scheme makes monthly donations of £1,000 to a range of groups, while the winners of large cash awards for £100,000, £50,000 and £20,000 are decided by a public vote. In 2019, 87 finalists, including several schools, received £5,000 each.

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