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Why choose homeworking?

ANDREW JENNINGS, head of travel, Homeworking by Inspire

“Homeworking takes dedication and commitment, but the pay- offs are fantastic – flexible hours, uncapped earning potential and no commute. Homeworking is a means for individuals to open doors with products and suppliers while taking advantage of the support and protection you just don’t get from going it alone.”

LIANNE PETERS, Luxury Deals 4U (part of Vertical Travel Group) “To love a job and

be able to work when you want is a huge advantage. Working on commission only, you get out of it what you put in. I couldn’t dream of working with anyone else or doing anything different.”

RACHEL GARNISH, RG Travel (part of Protected Trust Services)

exchange, homeworkers can access Advantage’s marketing and business development teams, commercial deals, incentives, education, administrative support and out-of-hours support. It operates using a trust account. Jacqui Cleaver, head of communications at

Protected Trust Services, says the problems many travellers have experienced with online travel agencies could prove a boon for homeworkers. “The power of a travel agent’s local network

is important again,” she says. “Forward bookings for 2021 are amazing but you need a business plan to survive the winter – the next six months will be hard.” Claire Willoughby, business development

manager at The Personal Travel Agents at Co-operative Travel, agrees. She says: “The primary consideration is ‘can you survive without guaranteed income?’ Most options are commission-only. “Some applicants are naive; it is not easy, especially now.”

Know your market Gary Pridmore, co-founder of Aquilium Travel – a member of Midcounties Co-operative – launched The Travel Managers brand in October to attract more homeworkers in the mainstream market, alongside its luxury venture, The Travel Directors. “We have been inundated with enquiries,” he says. “The flexibility of homeworking is attractive, especially if agents look at the cost of high street premises. “Customers want peace of mind and a real

person rather than OTAs. “There will be a long winter to survive, but

this is a cost-effective way to start a business. “We talk to prospective homeworkers on the phone but if they don’t talk with excitement and confidence, they will find it a struggle.” The recruitment process also includes a Zoom call with the applicant and their spouse or friend. “The other half may ask questions that the homeworker doesn’t think of, and they


was a personal choice for me as I wanted to run my own business. Now I get to run a travel business and gain 100% commission, and I can work with any supplier I like. I pay suppliers myself and even pay myself too! I really am independent – it was the best decision I made.”

DARREN TAYLOR, head of operations, Working Travel Group “We want to be the

market leader in responsible travel franchises, guiding our planet- conscious customers to make the right choices. I believe that travel can be sustainable, that you can experience our planet’s wonder at the same time as preserving it, and we’re here to help you do that.”

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