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Why work with us?

w Business systems: PTS supports experienced travel agents to run their businesses in the most profitable manner while complying with Package Travel Regulations. We have an advanced cloud-based system for you to manage your bookings, suppliers, itineraries and quotes. PTS will also help you to arrange credit card services, Atol and insurance.

w Transparency: Members keep 100% of their profit and commission. All finances are fully transparent and can be tracked in real time – PTS simply charges small transaction fees and does not lock members in to long-term contracts.

w Technology first: We embrace technology and enable our members to take the jump and start their own business.

Protected Trust Services

Protected Trust Services (PTS) offers a unique solution for experienced travel professionals and homeworkers. PTS approaches homeworking in a modern, market-leading way and considers the requirements of today’s travel professionals to run their own highly successful businesses. PTS has a cloud-based system to support you

to build your own successful travel enterprise. All members have independent businesses and keep 100% of their commission. Your profits are yours to keep; PTS is purely a business support system for you. While other consortia might require large monthly

fees, take a cut of commission or limit members to working only with certain suppliers, PTS recognises that travel professionals need the freedom to build their own product to be competitive. All PTS homeworking members have full access

to our system, are fully protected with the PTS independent trust account and insurance, can use the PTS supplier database and have the ability to work with any other supplier they choose. PTS will arrange for your own Atol, if you require one, through the PTS Atol franchise, and assist you with merchant services.

EXPERIENCE REQUIRED The PTS homeworking solution is only available to experienced travel professionals who want to build their own travel business. If you are looking to move consortia, we appreciate it may seem daunting, but we work with you every step of the way. We have supported many homeworkers with this process. All money is held in an independent trust account

and reconciled daily, meaning that you have complete control over your business finances and your customers’ money. Every penny is managed by you. We fully appreciate Covid-19 is the biggest

challenge our industry has ever experienced. However, brighter days are ahead. The PTS team is here to help you build a stronger future for you and your travel business. We believe in transparency and enabling each PTS homeworker to build a successful travel business to match their own vision. We are proud to be the only company of our kind, and we are absolutely delighted to see our homeworking members’ success so far. We look forward to welcoming you to PTS too!

Contact us È x 020 7190 9988


29 OCTOBER 2020

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