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Why work with us?

w Lead-based opportunities: High conversion rate, exclusive leads allow you to support your income and provide steady earnings in times of financial uncertainty. These leads cannot use their funds with any other company and can assist you with a steady income stream as well as high-value bookings from your own network.

w Fast payments: You’ll see instant results, with half of your commission paid the following month compared to the typical model of six weeks prior to departure, and high commissions of up to 70% on bookings from your own network.

w No monthly fees: There are zero monthly fees with Homeworking by Inspire, so you retain everything you have earned.

Homeworking by Inspire

Inspire has been a growing force in the travel industry for more than 15 years, and Homeworking by Inspire is following in its footsteps – offering fully independent and hybrid homeworking opportunities with leads included, for individuals with a minimum of 18 months’ industry experience. Inspire strives to offer customers and travel agents

the biggest selection of products, using ever-evolving technology to provide the ultimate combination of suppliers and service. Working with our specialist teams, we will build up your skill set and your inner confidence, to help you realise your potential working as your own boss. At Inspire, we want to help all our homeworkers build the business they desire, whether the priority is a flexible work-life balance, taking control of your earnings, or offering more products.

HOW WE WORK You’ll begin with full training and direct access to our head office support team to make the most of our resources and suppliers, including admin, product, special assistance, marketing and 24/7 IT support. Inspire can provide instant earnings, with

fast-paying commissions and leads from a closed user-base included in our hybrid homeworking

opportunities, using our proprietary prepaid travel card system, valid only on bookings through Inspire. Provided leads pay 15% commission and can be

used to support your income while you build your own client base, while securing larger bookings from your networks comes with 60% commission. For lead-assisted opportunities we require a minimum 25 hours per week, but you can arrange hours to suit your needs. We also have the flexibility to offer fully independent opportunities if you’re in a position to support yourself during the initial growth period, focusing entirely on building your own business and earning up to 70% commission. We strive to make your transition to Homeworking

by Inspire seamless and keep your costs as low as possible. Both our models have no monthly fees and minimal setup costs to cover training and the equipment you’ll be provided with. If you feel this could be the next opportunity for

your travel career or want more details to assist your decision, get in touch with our recruitment manager, Ivrie Cohen, for a friendly no-obligation chat.

Contact us 

Ivrie Cohen, sales and recruitment manager È x 0161 465 6096 / 07535 772748


29 OCTOBER 2020

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