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Why work with us?

w Choice of options: Travel is a diverse industry and one size does not fit all. That’s why we have two homeworking brands: The Travel Directors for those concentrating on concierge service and the luxury market, and The Travel Managers, which is for those with a diverse customer network who focus on quality service.

w Market-leading model: The packages we offer include forward and instant commissions, our joining fee is currently waived, and we offer an array of additional services.

w Truly independent: Collaboration is at the heart of everything we do, and working together is key to running a successful business. We encourage homeworkers to develop relationships with our supplier partners.

Aquilium Travel Group

The founder of the Aquilium Travel Group, which incorporates The Travel Directors and The Travel Managers, has 40 years’ experience of the sector and has personally made the transition from a retail environment to a homeworking model. This journey gives us more empathy and

understanding of the homeworking arena and enables us to pass on our experience and knowledge to help you develop and build your successful business. Our chief executive, Gary Pridmore, spotted the

shortfalls of what was being offered in our sector at the time. He wanted to shake up the model and improve the support, flexibility and individuality offered to homeworkers to enable them to create or develop a successful business. We believe the core of any homeworking business

needs to be support. Therefore, we have invested heavily to create an experienced and reputable head office team who have vast experience of all sectors of our industry, so that we can offer our homeworkers the best support and advice in the arena. This includes bespoke marketing support, help

building robust business plans, sharing innovative ways to generate sales to grow your business and giving networking advice, as well as sharing our extensive industry connections to drive your business to the next level.

FINANCIAL SECURITY The uncertain times in our industry have shown how important it is to be part of a reputable and financially secure organisation. Our business is part of the Midcounties Co-operative

Travel Consortium, which gives our homeworkers additional financial security and access to the benefits of being part of a nationally recognised brand, including leading commercial terms, increased consumer confidence and robust support to ensure your business is run in compliance with all industry legislation. Our two homeworker divisions focus on the

high-end and mainstream markets, and we will soon be launching a connoisseur-level brand that will offer the epitome of luxury travel. By the end of 2020, we are on track to have a network of 50 homeworkers and our commitment is never to exceed 100 for each brand. We will limit the size of our business as we are committed to offering a hands-on and bespoke approach. As a business we are large enough to make an impact but small enough to care.

Contact us

Nisha Bean, BDM È x 07851 261563


29 OCTOBER 2020

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