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Why work with us?

w Support: You’ll have access to a wide range of tour operators, as well as our exclusive, market-leading deals and our industry- leading operator pricing and CRM system.

w Commission: To give you peace of mind and help you through the winter months, we’ll pay 50% of your commission in the month of booking, with the balance paid eight weeks before departure. Coupled with our low monthly fees of just £99 per month for all the equipment to support your needs, our new model has been created with you in mind.

w Leads: We’ll pay 65% commission on your own leads, but, if your customers aren’t biting, you’ll have access to our customer base and we’ll give you 25% commission on anything sold to them.

Blue Bay Travel

Established in 2003, Blue Bay Travel is the UK’s leading independent long-haul specialist and a winner of multiple industry awards. We have an inclusive culture and together, our aim is to deliver experiences that inspire our customers and our team to journey with us for life. We offer exclusive product in Mexico, the

Caribbean and the Indian Ocean, and our team prides itself on first-rate product knowledge, great customer service and access to exclusive market-leading deals. Recent expansion within our product team has

meant big things for our tour operating arm. Despite the erratic backdrop of the sector, we’ve continued to successfully expand into new destinations and explore new sales avenues. We’re extremely proud of the strong market position we hold, which allows us to present you with the opportunity to join our team of home-based personal travel consultants. We know that, as travel industry professionals, it’s

never been more important to know you are part of a healthy, well-funded, caring business – one that not only looks to continually develop itself as an industry leader, but also you, as a member of the family. With help from The Co-operative Travel

Consortium and our supportive investors, along with a strong balance sheet, we have continued trading confidently throughout 2020. Now we’re ready to service the market demand into 2021 and beyond.

FUTURE GROWTH As a contact centre and online business, with a support network of amazing homeworkers already enjoying a strong reputation within the industry, we plan to double the size of our business by 2023. Developing a new and exclusive homeworking model will be a key element to us accomplishing that. But what does this opportunity mean for you, as an

experienced agent? We help you build even stronger customer relationships by enabling you to offer your clients industry-leading commercial terms from across The Co-operative Travel Consortium’s enviable product range. Blue Bay can also give you access to exclusive,

unbeatable deals through the Blue Bay tour operator arm, promoted through established platforms like Travelzoo, Secret Escapes and HolidayPirates. Plus you’ll create an independent work environment with the support of our experienced team. Training in social media and other crucial skills is on hand, thanks to our vast reservoir of specialist knowledge.

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29 OCTOBER 2020

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