This two-and-a-half-minute promotional video by the Egypt Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities opens like a scene from a Hollywood apocalyptic movie. It opens, against a tense soundtrack, in the dead of night with an army of hazmat-suited officials sanitising an aircraft cabin, an empty airport terminal and its seating, luggage trolleys and carousels. Regiments of military trucks spray the roads with the iconic Sphynx in the background. It switches to hotel rooms being deep-cleaned as we catch glimpses of the Pyramids through its windows. We see the hotel kitchen being deep-cleaned as staff entering have their temperature taken, while sunbeds are sprayed with disinfectant. And then suddenly we see the familiar

sunrise, a plane landing and the screen bursts into colour with an upbeat Arabic soundtrack kicking in as two travellers emerge from the aircraft in face masks. The film emphasises social distancing as we witness the couple enjoying the sights and sounds of Egypt. Before seeing the video, I hadn’t considered Egypt as a destination to visit so soon after lockdown, but I would consider it now – so mission accomplished by the tourist board.

deos verdict

n handed the challenge of both reassuring potential customers of the safety of their services or destinations igital Drums, assesses the strengths and weaknesses of six promotional videos and advertisements


Go Turkey, as part of its #ReTurkey and #SafeTourismTurkey campaign, has created an advert that perfectly combines health and safety messaging with inspiration to visit the country for a holiday post-lockdown. Viewed through the eyes of a young boy

But at no point does the advertisement seek to

allay fears about health, hygiene and safety which, after Covid-19 lockdown and now with second spikes erupting across the globe, one would imagine is high on the check list of families and more-mature consumers in particular.

in Turkey with his parents, the advertisement clearly shows face masks being worn by officials and staff at airports, restaurants and hotels, and of temperature screening at airports and hotels. It also cleverly weaves in high-tech health check systems, phone apps, hand sanitisers and social distancing markers on pavements with the traditional sights and attractions of Turkey. The advert signs off with a voiceover

saying: “We arrange all the necessities for both joy and wellness.” It is a great promotion which I feel is completely in line with the desires and needs of its target audience. The only let-down for me was the American voices of the narrator and the young boy, which can grate on a British ear, but it’s still a very good effort. 30 JULY 2020 13

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