With a stirring film score opening against a typical Dubai skyline that cuts to an Emirates aircraft flying over the iconic Palm, a male voice announces: “We made you a promise that we would see you soon.” As we fly over empty white-sand beaches and see The Atlantis Resort, the voice continues: “That time has come.” Over the next 60 seconds we cut from familiar scene to familiar scene: camel rides and four-wheel drives in the desert; spas and wellbeing experiences; water sports and fine dining. The narrator continues: “And today we make a new promise, that our home, Dubai, is ready for you to visit once again.” It’s the sort of highly polished, well-produced video you would

expect from an upmarket destination. Interestingly, though, the film makes no reference to the pandemic;

there is little reference to the safety aspects highlighted by other destinations. Personally, I feel that’s a mistake. Consumers will look for reassurance about the steps being taken to protect their health and wellbeing. It’s a great video, but it falls short in perhaps the most important area of all – emphasising safety for visitors.


I’ve always been an admirer of Jet2holidays’ marketing approach. It is always simple, straightforward and upbeat with a lot of personality and great branding.

And their new ‘Your Safety, Our

Priority’ video for the return to travel is classic Jet2holidays. With lots of branding throughout and

Jet2’s familiar Jess Glynne soundtrack, the advert is a step-by-step guide on the precautions the airline is taking regarding hygiene and safety and what you need to do as a traveller. It’s simple and straightforward and I found it very reassuring. Another great effort from the airline and tour operator.

restart vid

As the travel sector starts to emerge from Covid-19-induced lockdowns, travel marketers have been and inspiring them to travel once again. Here, marketing expert Steve Dunne, chief executive of Di


London City Airport is informing customers of its procedures with a three-minute information video that takes the viewer through every facet of moving through the terminal and onto the aircraft. A friendly, professional-sounding female narrator opens the video by saying “welcome back” before taking us through the various aspects of safety procedures through the terminal building. The narrator’s voiceover is also

reproduced as subtitles – a vital move in today’s social media world, where videos are often viewed on muted mobile devices.


Throughout the video we are reassured, both visually and in the commentary, that the airport’s number-one objective is to keep us, its customers, safe. It does the job well.

Tui is kick-starting holidays post-lockdown with a typical travel advertisement that would be as equally at home after the Christmas break or during winter as it is after a near-four-month travel ban and pandemic lockdown for British consumers. And that’s my issue with it. The advert itself is typically uplifting. It opens with a caption and a voiceover saying “It’s time to look forward…” followed by a series of finishes to the sentence ranging from “…to that first dip in the pool” to “…getting back to what really matters” as we see typical scenes of swimming pools and long afternoon lunches and of holidaymakers playing on the beach and hiking in wonderful hills with gorgeous scenery. On the surface, it is a great advert, with the right pitch and tone and the high production values you would expect of the market leader.

12 30 JULY 2020

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