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NAA prepares for vehicle tech changes

Northern Automotive Alliance (NAA) is an independent, not-for-profit company, which provides a membership service to the automotive community. The NAA supports micro-companies through to local major vehicle manufacturers, such as Bentley, Jaguar Land Rover, Leyland Trucks, McLaren and Vauxhall. Support via established networks includes the provision of training, events (one per month), funding applications and strategic, business and technical advice. The NAA has members across the North West,

Yorkshire and Humber and communicates with over 2,000 automotive companies on a regular basis. Chief executive, Rowan Egan says, “The automotive

Finding a manufacturing or supply partner in a foreign country often presents a diff icult challenge. Sourceways helps UK companies find partners in eastern Europe, to set up projects and build strong, productive business relationships. It can save UK companies

the additional resources, time and experience needed to manage manufacturing sourcing, outsourcing and relocation projects by off ering a package of services, including research, supplier evaluation, visits, interpretation, progressing quotes, clarifying technical issues, assisting with contract negotiations and ensuring mutual understanding of all aspects of the business. A tried and tested network of suppliers, mainly in central and

eastern Europe, covers a wide range of services and manufacturing capabilities, including tooling design and manufacture, casting, forging, machining, metal fabrication, machine building, design and manufacture of steel vessels and tanks, plastic moulding, electronic assembly, prototyping and explosion -proof equipment. The company’s business model

saves UK clients all upfront costs for finding appropriate suppliers and reaching the actual production or supply stage of a project, explains the company. In most cases, the cost of the service is covered by the supplier only when a project is up and running.

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Washing technology reduces emissions

For over 50 years, Teknox UK has specialised in consulting, design and construction of washing

machines for industrial sectors such as the mechanical, automotive, aerospace, railways, shipping, plastic, wood, food, silkscreen printing and pharmaceuticals. The company’s innovations aim

to reduce energy and lower VOC emissions. Its latest technology protects the environment by using special water-based detergents. Filtration methods separate the contaminants from the cleaner to

sector has changed more in recent years than ever before, and this trend is set to continue with the introduction of AFV (alternative fuelled vehicles) and CAV (connected autonomous vehicles). These vast changes bring new opportunities for companies who have not traditionally been in the automotive supply chain. “The push for electrification, in particular, brings

significant opportunities for companies who have expertise in power electronics, electric motors and battery technology, but also for any company who can make contributions towards ‘light-weighting’, thereby making a car more eff icient.” “Similarly, for CAV, it is believed that technology and

software companies working in sectors such as gaming, will be critical in the development of autonomous vehicles and a whole new CAV supply chain.” The UK government off ers a range of grant funding

in these new areas. The NAA would like to speak to any companies

operating, or hoping to work, in the automotive sector. Any company interested in membership will be off ered a complimentary ticket to one of its monthly networking events.

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Online buying platform adds more metals

Stainless steel, aluminium, brass, copper and bronze have been added to SteelScout’s online metal buying platform. The company claims this brings buyers better value and greater convenience across a broader range of metals. Since its launch in 2017, the

company has grown rapidly and has a network of local metal suppliers across the UK. Sister company,

reduce waste

disposal costs and increase the working life of equipment. The company can create a package of sale and services to suit requirements.

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Harness expertise from prototype to production

Cable harness assembly specialist, Wireco, also designs and manufactures wire harnesses and wiring looms. Its flexibility means it can produce R&D models (prototyping), supply short runs quickly and eff iciently whilst having the capability to go on and deliver the full project. From complex specification

wiring for medical, to wire and cable harnesses fitted for commercial use, the company can support any

manufacturer that produces goods requiring an electronic system. The company is also a box build


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based tool that is easy to set up and easy to manage; it requires virtually no training, says the company. The system can be configured by a business or with assistance from advisers, without charge. The tool’s new feature will be

Software manages orders and processes

Making work easier and making processes better, T Cards Direct off ers manual and online visual planning systems tools to help manage, allocate and co-ordinate systems. The T Cards Online is a web-

MetalHub, is an online marketplace where metal buyers in Yorkshire,

Lancashire, Greater Manchester and the Midlands can compare suppliers, get instant prices and buy steel products online. The buyer interface has been redesigned ensuring a wide selection of product, together with transparency on pricing and availability.

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Handset automates stocktaking

Ergonomically designed for comfortable all-day, everyday use, the Honeywell ScanPal EDA50 enterprise hybrid device is suitable for operators at all levels. TalliScan’s handheld software has been upgraded to seamlessly incorporate the EDA50 built-in barcode scanner. Integrating ERP API and Android apps, users can access all business critical information in real-time, over wi-fi, as well as perform fast, automated stocktaking. There is ample battery life to last

a full shift, a rugged touch panel and a display that is easy to read

launched at the show. The ‘If This Then That’ feature allows users to define events and outcomes, for example, to auto-generate alarms or set alerts for ‘idle’ jobs. The tool can be used remotely

via the simple to use app and integrated with other systems using the Rest API. Managing the workload in a clear and simple way allows staff fast access to information. There is no upfront capital outlay or

indoors and outside. The ergonomic design ensures ease of use, comfort and pocketability, adds the company. The device incorporates

TalliScan’s automated counting to count a parts-bin full of loose parts in only 10 seconds.

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no long term contacts. The company will also exhibit

manual systems including Continuous Improvement, Maintenance Planning and Near Miss Reporting Systems, described as cost eff ective communication tools, providing accountability and traceability.

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