3D scanner accelerates measurements

The latest developments in 3D scanning will be showcased by GOM UK, including the ATOS 5 high speed, 3D scanner. Camera sensors and innovative

measuring and projection technology enable the system to provide fast and precise 3D measuring data to optimise and accelerate design and manufacturing processes, says the company. ATOS technology is used in many

industries, including sheet metals, tools and moulds, turbine blades, prototypes, injection-moulded parts and pressure die-cast parts. 3D measuring data allows for

comprehensive process and quality control. Regardless of environment, the scanner provides precise, traceable 3D surface data. Using the triple scan principle, areas that are diff icult to access are captured in shorter measuring times, explains the company.

New developments for the ATOS

5 allow for fast and interference-free data transfer via fibre optic cables, acquisition times of 0.2 seconds per scan and the ability to achieve maximum production eff iciency through automation in an ATOS ScanBox. There will also be the new

ATOS compact scan with 8Mpixel cameras. This compact starter model uses the company’s proven 3D measuring system for scanning and analysis tasks in industrial quality assurance. It measures areas from 40mm2 to 1,200mm2. The measuring volume can be scaled through interchangeable lenses and adapted to the respective object within a few minutes. Detail resolution and speed is possible with just one sensor head.

Visit GOM UK at stand L55

PCB manufacturing takes control in-house

Established 40 years ago, contract electronics manufacturer, Hallmark Electronics, has its own in-house PCB manufacturing facility. The company says that the in-

house facility provides maximum manufacturing control and flexibility. The three elements of PCB

manufacture, component procurement and component assembly are managed and controlled by the same team of managers and engineers, enabling the most cost-eff ective solutions to be engineered and produced. PCBs are tooled and components are purchased in formats to maximise the ease, eff iciency and speed within the component assembly process. Customers may purchase the

complete service of PCB, component procurement, assembly and test, just PCBs or just assembly. Volumes range from one-off s to 1,000s, delivered on standard, fast and very

fast turnarounds depending on your needs. PCB capabilities include high layer

counts, buried and blind via holes, via in pad filled and plated over and standard double-sided plated through, flexible and flex rigid versions. Assembly capabilities include SMD

UBGA, BGA, LCC, TQFP, QFN, DFN, 0201 and through hole component assembly, x-ray inspection, AOI and functional testing. Visitors will also have the chance to win a 3D printer!

Visit Hallmark Electronics at stand H55 groups/2500035/

Induction coil is key to heating

For over 20 years, Induction Coil Solutions has worked in many industries, designing and manufacturing induction copper coils. It also off ers repairs: “There probably isn’t a coil that we can’t repair or modify in the industry,” it claims. Keeping generators well

maintained means less down time for production lines and longer generator life. Its engineers have

many years’ experience of servicing and repairing induction generators of all makes and models for a wide range of industries within Europe. It also manufactures water-

cooled power leads and includes development and consultation work, welding, brazing, workhead repair and transformer repair among its services. The company is also a distributor for the UK and Ireland of CEIA

Induction Heating Systems. Some of its systems will be on display at the show.

Visit Induction Coil Solutions at

stand J26

CNC routers, co2 laser cutting and engraving machines and fibre laser metal cutting machines are available from HPC Laser. Established in 2006, the company’s team of skilled engineers have delivered, installed, serviced and supported over 4,500 Laserscript machines across the UK into educational, domestic and industrial applications. The co2 machines range from 35

to 220W, with bed sizes from 300 x 200mm to 2,500 x 1,500mm. There is also a range of CNC routers with bed

sizes from 600 x 900mm and metal cutting machines capable of cutting up to 25mm mild steel. Many co2 models are available

with laser upgrade options depending upon the material and thicknesses to be processed. The clever modular design allows larger machines to be part-disassembled to fit through a single doorway. All Pro machines are covered by

a one year on-site warranty, with options to extend this up to three years. Machine accessories available include water chillers, fume filters, attachments for engraving rotary components and a full range of laser- compatible sheet products. Customers benefit from free of

charge, lifetime telephone support and on-site engineer support for more complex issues. Prospective customers can

see machines processing their designs and their materials in free demonstrations at the company’s Halifax showroom.

Visit HPC Laser at stand B26

Visit GTMA at stand D26

Modular design and laser upgrades adapt to needs

Be part of a sustainable aluminium future

Forging an essential link within the supply chain

Representing leading companies in precision engineering, rapid product development, toolmaking, tooling technologies, metrology and other critical manufacturing related products and services, GTMA has a committed strategy to focus on major market sector opportunities, from aerospace and automotive to medical and marine. Its work with OEMs and Tier 1s is a valuable resource

for buyers building manufacturing supply chains. Initiatives include the launch of the Manufacturing Resource Centre (MRC) dedicated to providing supply chain solutions. The representative body has over 75 years’

experience. Its aim is to “provide an essential link within the supply chain, providing truly added-value services for our members and representing their expertise to their customers”. The GTMA’s key aim is to help members to win new

business and to support them in that business to their customers.

When you choose aluminium from Hydro Extrusion for a design, you state your intent to create a product that’s strong, light, durable and climate eff icient; to be part of a smarter and more sustainable future. The company has 35,000

employees in 40 countries, combining local expertise, worldwide reach and R&D capabilities. A dedicated team specialises in developing profiles to create non- corrosive, value-added extrusions and turnkey solutions for a wide range of industries. The low maintenance and lightweight design can exceed the challenges of all environments, says the company. Aluminium extrusions can achieve

designs that are durable, high in strength and light in weight. The company uses its expertise to achieve weight and production savings which improve performance, enhance quality and increase cost eff iciency. In addition to extrusion, it off ers machining, welding, forming, fabrication, assembly, thermal break, anodizing, surface finishing and recycling in-house.

Visit Hydro Extrusion at stand C79


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