Pressing ahead for metalforming industries to prosper and grow

Full SMT line can be supplied

A full SMT line, printer, pick and place and reflow ovens manufactured by Neoden are now available from Advanced Manufacturing Services. The company is highlighting the Neoden4 pick and place machine which has a placement rate of 10,000cph, fiducial/camera alignment and electronic feeders. The company is also announcing

Virtually every manufacturing sector buys components from a CBM member, says the Confederation of British Metalforming, the trade association for UK manufacturers of fasteners, forgings, pressings and cold rolled products. Associate members include

suppliers of materials, equipment, consumables and services, universities and research bodies. The CBM off ers members

targeted business and technical support. It helps manufacturing companies thrive in today’s competitive market, from climate change levy rebates and lobbying to training, market insight and innovation support. Benefits of membership include

government lobbying, on sector issues and challenges, industrial strategy and submissions to government consultations. It helps with climate change levy rebates, Energy Saving Opportunity Scheme (ESOS) audits and energy eff iciency workshops. There is also technical support with expert knowledge about

fastener, sheet metal/presswork, cold rolling and forging techniques. To help with health and safety requirements, it holds regular health, safety and environment group meetings, provides accident statistics to reduce accidents, a helpline and occupational health services. It is also active in training, skills and engagement with schools, tackling the skills agenda, off ering industry specific courses and helping to raise awareness of career potential within the industry and access to a dedicated Metalforming Training Centre. Find out more about member

benefits such as insurance services, R&D tax claims, the business support helpline, international links and discounted rates for the National Metalforming Centre conference venue.

the UK release of the new Neoden IN6 forced air convection six zone reflow oven. This compact single phase oven off ers full lead free capability and has six heating zones


software adds simulation

(three top and three bottom) to allow the ideal soldering profile to be achieved without compromise. Using a conveyor, a cooling zone and a full colour display, it is the ideal starter reflow oven, says the company. The manual Neoden PM3040

stencil printer will also be available to view, together with the pick and place and the reflow oven. The SMT line, printer, pick and

place and reflow oven are designed for the prototype manufacturer or low volume user as well as the higher volume manufacturer who

requires the ability to produce prototype builds without disturbing the main manufacturing lines.

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stand D37

See what an MRP system can do for you

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Plastics smooth design- production transition

The latest trends in 3D CAD software and engineering tools that provide feedback on performance of any design will be highlighted by Ansys SpaceClaim. The company has been a pioneer in 3D CAD with Ansys Discovery SpaceClaim which allows 3D CAD to be more accessible. Until recently, simulation tools that provide insight to a design’s performance have struggled with adoption throughout organisations, but Discovery Live, incorporated into SpaceClaim, allows any engineer to understand the performance of their concepts at every iteration and design change, says the company. Discovery Live enables the

extended design team to all work together to get new products to market faster and improve product performance via a simple ‘access-to- all’ interface and agile design process.

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Video measurement corrects lens in real time 2D video measurement system. The

Real time lens distortion

Production of injection-moulded components is a speciality for Agentdraw, operating within the UK plastics industry. The company supports customers with a complete service, from strong, in-house, award-winning design and engineering through to comprehensive production tooling and manufacturing services. Manufacturing is at the company’s

core but it off ers more than injection moulding. It aims to smooth the transition from concept design to production reality and make the goal of bringing a product or project to

market as painless as possible. For service from concept to

delivery, it removes the risk from clients and guarantees to deliver products on time and within budget. It will be demonstrating its portfolio spread over a host of industries including automotive, aerospace, electronic enclosures, point of sales, construction and medical. Visitors are invited to meet the

company’s industry experts to discuss requirements.

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correction (RTLDC) is used in the Quantum multi-field of view video measurement system to correct lens distortion in real time on a live image. The result is consistent measurements across the entire field of view (FOV) and unprecedented multiple field of view

ranges without changing lenses, says Ash Technologies.

Quantum is an integrated

measurement system with no PC required. It is easy to use off ering an eff icient

digital image processing technology and multiple FOV ranges reduce measurement time and eliminates operator variances, claims the company.

Rather than correct

distortion through optics, the RTLDC algorithm corrects the live

image for consistent measurements across the entire FOV. It also

eliminates lens changes to achieve multiple FOVs. AshCal auto

calibration means

that each magnification level is factory calibrated, saving time re- calibrating after every zoom. Other features are quick

measurements and data sharing, save and recall measurement and settings files for routine inspections, simultaneous automatic measurements to speed up inspection time, pass/fail tolerance judgement display to rapidly identify failures and NFS connectivity for automatic transfer of results to the network.

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Visitors are invited to have a one- to-one discussion with 123 Insight technical staff to understand what an MRP system can do for a business. They can also receive a USB stick containing, or request immediate online access to, MRP demo videos. These are broken down by job role, allowing each department to understand what the system can do. It is suitable for all types, shapes

and sizes of business from just two staff to over 4,500. There are also several accounts connectivity options, from Pegasus Opera interfaces through to tight integration to Sage 50, Sage 200, Access Dimensions and Xero using Accounts Gateway. As part of the business model,

companies attend a free evaluation workshop, held monthly around the UK, where they can see if they would like to attend the six days of no-obligation training course. This is

all on the understanding that if they decide that the system is not suitable, they can walk away with nothing to pay. Once they are fully trained and ready to implement, companies pay for the training and register to receive the software. There is a low monthly subscription, with no minimum period. Instead of the ‘traditional approach’

of paying for software, consultancy, training and maintenance before confirming the product will be suitable for your business, this approach removes all the risk, says the company.

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