Add value, reduce waste

Temperature control, process control, measurement and data recording solutions and services available from Eurotherm by Schneider Electric, are designed for easy operation and reduced engineering time. Control algorithms, recording

and data management strategies add value to industrial processes, improving quality, reducing waste and ensuring data is kept safe for as long as it is needed, says the company. For customers requiring calibration

services, SAT, warehouse mapping and temperature uniformity survey (TUS) services, there is a global sales and service network of highly-qualified engineering personnel who are skilled in key compliance procedures, together with EcoStruxure Manufacturing Compliance Advisor technology platform. This reduces equipment testing costs, increases operational

productivity and optimises process equipment ready for auditing. The company supports customers

with specialist knowledge and experience to achieve process excellence through machine automation eff iciency and regulatory compliance.

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3D visualisation adds depth to design

Believed to be the only integrated, remote axis, portable 3D visualisation and rendering system capable of measuring in full colour, the eight- axis Design ScanArm 2.5C will be demonstrated by Faro at this year’s show. It is used for 3D modelling, reverse engineering and CAD-based design applications across the product lifecycle management (PLM) process. It features the company’s 3D

scanning technology and its new Prizm laser line probe to deliver high resolution, coloured point cloud data, says the company. Users now have more insight into the object’s design and creation, geometry, surface composition and visual diff erentiation between materials. The Vantage Laser Tracker will

also be put through its paces at the exhibition. The high-performance, laser tracker allows users to maximise productivity and reduce inspection cycle times by 50 to 75%. There will also be demonstrations

Take a world view of sourcing

There are four ways that Darian Global Sourcing can be a key part of a supply chain strategy. The first is value for money.

Sourcing engineering components from overseas suppliers of CNC-machined components, stamped parts, castings, pressings and welded assemblies means that companies can often save money compared with sourcing them domestically due to lower labour and manufacturing costs overseas. Another advantage is

production capacity. When a company sources a product from a lower-cost location, it is possible to benefit from the manufacturing infrastructure which enables larger numbers of products to be produced in a short space of time. For lower-cost countries, it also enables product manufacturing to take place in several locations, multiplying production capacity. Experienced companies have a strong network of trusted, local

partners who are able to ensure every aspect of quality control has been covered. Despite the lower cost of sourcing from overseas, there will never be any compromise on quality, says the company. Finally, global sourcing can also

off er businesses the opportunity to tap into new resources and skills which are absent or in short supply in the domestic market. The company’s purchasing

professionals have backgrounds in engineering and manufacturing. It supplies high quality and technically challenging

engineering components, such as castings, CNC-machined components, sheet metal parts and forgings. It has a strong network of accredited global suppliers, to simplify the process of sourcing components from overseas at the lowest possible price without compromising on quality and without having to deal with a language barrier, lack of contacts and business culture diff erences.

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stand A27 Ceiling rose makes for smart buildings

of the Tracer laser projectors. These accurately project a laser outline onto a surface or object to provide a virtual template which operators and assemblers can use to quickly and accurately position components. According to the company,

the TracerSI, in addition to virtual templating and positioning, is the first laser imager and projection system, with high resolution image scanning capabilities throughout its entire projection volume.

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Ready and able for custom cable With a 67,000sq ft warehouse

housing over 3,500 product lines and another 6,000 on short lead times, FS Cables is confident it will have the cable you need. There are also over 800 CPR-compliant cables including Alternative to Belden, structured wiring, fibre, coax,

signal and control and power cables to choose from. There is no cut-off time for orders, says the company and next working- day delivery is standard to the UK mainland and free on orders over £100.

Cables are cut to length on many product lines meaning customers only buy what is needed, reducing waste and saving money.

Cable can be manufactured to a specification or standard, from a printed or coloured jacket through to composite cables containing multiple elements.

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Material mix adapts rivets to reduce weight

Technologies added to Gesipa Blind Riveting Systems’ portfolio target sensitive material applications and weight reduction. The Soft Grip is a blind rivet nut for sensitive material applications. It enables threads to be produced

in sensitive and very soft materials such as plastic components or lightweight panels without producing too much bearing stress and contact pressure in the components. This avoids component damage through crushing, cracking or stress- whitening in plastics. For weight reduction

requirements, the company is highlighting the Lightweight blind rivet nut. These are used in applications where weight reduction is important, such as for car bodies

(lightweight materials), add-on components (plastic material) and structural components (aluminum). In addition to advantages of up to 50% less weight, reduced space needed for the closing head and a larger grip range than standard nuts, the company points out that these blind rivet nuts provide the same or even better stability of joints than usual blind rivet nuts. The company has also designed an M6 square bodied rivet nut with a special chamfer and coating on the flange (pictured). A square bodied

rivet nut is used in applications to allow extra security during the assembly process when compared to a round bodied rivet nut, it explains. It provides high torque-to-turn values and can be distinguished from a weld nut for minimal operational failures. The company is a member of the

SFS group of Switzerland and has a production site based in Keighley, West Yorkshire.

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Temperature, humidity, motion detection and ambient light sensors are fitted into a ceiling rose, with wi-fi connectivity, to create the Flux Rose. The smart ceiling rose provides data to building systems to control heating, lighting, ventilation and to power window blinds. It works with any bulb and light switch, including dimmers and also works independently of the app by the wall switch should the wi-fi router fail. Flux Rose will also demonstrate

its access platform controller, a microprocessor-controlled I/O module designed for automotive platforms with 32 inputs, 16 LED outputs, CAN, eight relay outputs and six high side solid state drivers. There will also be the Air

Pro II fan controller, developed specifically for a client. The universal mains input horticultural device measures temperature and humidity and controls two fans to provide a negative pressure within a grow room environment.

Visitors will also see a 19-inch

rack power distribution unit, designed for a defence customer. It provides dual switching (phase and neutral) plus dual redundant switching. Each outlet is filtered and current is measured at each outlet. It is monitored at multiple points in the circuit and has full remote control for use in an unmanned location. The company designs,

develops and manufactures bespoke electronic control units for consumer, automotive and defence customers. Solutions can be delivered to customers with relatively short lead times and in low or high volume.

Visit Flux Rose at stand F27

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