Storage equipment changes with your business

Workplace storage equipment from Bott includes the heavy-duty cubio range. The strong, durable and reliable

cubio products, can be combined to create tailored and versatile working solutions which can be seamlessly expanded as business’ needs change. The cubio range can be integrated

with the company’s wide range of CNC and tool storage options, incorporating Lean, 5S and Six Sigma initiatives, promoting eff iciency and productivity in the workplace. Bott also off ers free site visits to

anywhere in the UK. The project sales team aims to understand your particular requirements, to advise on the optimal solution and create full 3D visuals of your proposal. The comprehensive product range and the flexibility of having its own manufacturing plant in the UK,

Composite association celebrates growth and plans for more

The voice of the UK composites industry, Composites UK is the trade association for those working in the supply chain of fibre-reinforced polymer composites (FRPs) across all sectors. The association has evolved and grown rapidly and

enables the company to create custom-made solutions. Installations are scheduled to

suit the customer. Highly trained engineers arrive on site to meet the delivery and handling of every part of the build and to create a fully working environment. Project managers David and Paul

will be on hand to assist with any enquiries, demonstrate the ranges and arrange site visits.

Visit Bott at stand C27

Track and trace increases effi ciency

Accurate tracking of raw materials and finished goods throughout production processes can increase eff iciency and open up new markets. It can also enable competitive advantages for customers, says Brady, such as increased product quality control, reduced warranty costs, reduced product recalls, increased brand protection and reduced counterfeit components. The company off ers a reliable,

complete solution to automate PCB labelling to enable full traceability, with durable auto-apply labels, reliable auto-apply systems and printers, custom support with set-up, maintenance, parts and extensive label testing in in-house laboratories. At this year’s exhibition, the

company will show a professional range of label printers, label feeders and print and apply systems. Visitors can see the BSP61 Print & Apply System for fast, automatic PCB labelling anywhere along the

now represents more than 370 companies, including manufacturers, material suppliers, equipment suppliers, academics, designers, engineers, consultants, clients and service providers. In 2019, the association celebrated its 30th birthday.

Its aim remains to support members as their businesses grow, in the competitive global market. Membership benefits include participation as

delegates, speakers and exhibitors in a series of networking events, bringing end-users across all industry sectors and the supply chain together. There is also a prioritised listing on The Hub, the

UK Composites Capabilities Database, used by the general public and the association to signpost business opportunities. Members can also access advice on training, health

and safety requirements and other business-related topics. Other benefits include input into standards

development and lobbying government, heavily discounted rates on industry conferences and exhibitions, access to reports and best practice guides on a selection of topics, the opportunity to join

Taking the heat out of customisation

In addition to a wide range of standard products,

Carbolite Gero is an expert in the development of

production line and the ALF14 label feeder that can automate the process to a wide range of installed pick and place machines. There will also be a wide range

of labels designed for auto- apply applications that can resist temperatures up to 300°C as well as exposure to aggressive chemicals and practical portable label printers, compact benchtop label printers and high precision label printers.

Visit Brady at stand E32

Win a Raspberry Pi 4!

There are five Raspberry Pi 4 boards to be won at the Custom Design Technologies stand. Visitors can also receive free box samples and a 5% discount on all orders at the show. The specialist in low volume,

custom enclosures, PCB design and assembly also invites visitors to ask about the latest box innovations. Rather than a standard, off -the-

shelf plastic enclosure or casing, the company off ers a custom enclosure at rapid turnaround times, no mould tool costs or minimum order quantities and better aesthetics, with no restrictions on changes. The company can advise on

electronics, touchscreen, DIN rail, Pi, or IP-rated enclosures or casings

or discuss your next prototype and suggest possible concepts. The company was founded in

1986 (as Bafbox) and provides cost- eff ective plastic enclosure design and manufacturing, full box-build and PCB design and assembly services from its headquarters in Northamptonshire.

Visit Custom Design Technologies at

stand B68

customised equipment for complex heat treatment processes. It has met

the individual application

requirements for customers in aerospace, engineering, materials science, medical, bioscience and contract testing laboratories around the world.

The company has 80 years’

experience in thermal engineering in the design and manufacture of laboratory and industrial ovens and furnaces ranging from 30 to 3,000°C with a focus on vacuum and special atmosphere technology.

There are two manufacturing

and sales sites, one in Derbyshire, which has been manufacturing laboratory and industrial ovens and furnaces up to 1,800°C since 1938, and one in Neuhausen, Germany, manufacturing high-temperature

furnaces to 3,000°C. In addition to products

with standards-compliant furnaces and ovens [eg, Nadcap heat treatment processes (AMS2750E)], the company can also provide full traceability certification for control, measurement, recording and data acquisition devices, issued by an independent, UKAS-accredited laboratory.

Visit Carbolite Gero at stand L81

Yorkshire-based electronics sub- contractor, Contract Production, invites visitors to get up close and personal and see the quality and precision of its PCB production line. The company off ers a variety of

services including PCB assembly, PCB testing, box-build, and prototyping. Its stand will have a variety of examples of PCBs and equipment in which they are used, from sound level meters to fitness and activity trackers and gas

leak detection equipment. PCBs are manufactured using a

combination of manual soldering and machine placement, using the

focus groups on sustainability, materials supply and construction, the chance to have a say on industry initiatives such as the Composites Apprenticeship, free marketing support via press releases included on the Composites UK website, e-newsletter and social media channels, as well as discounted webinars on how to market your company eff ectively. Through its role as a delivery partner to the

Composites Leadership Forum and the work which it does with the High Value Manufacturing Catapult centres, Composites UK is able to ensure that its members stay abreast of the latest developments and funding opportunities to enable them to plan for future growth.

For the love of PCBs

What is it that most influences the average customer’s choice of PCB assembly partner? DJ Assembly believes it is a combination of factors, carefully embellished with the electronics X factor: an undefinable feeling that the company loves what it does. The company describes its market

approach as a seduction, a love aff air and a long-term marriage, all rolled into one. It has the latest kit, it delivers on time, it makes everything in the beautiful city of York and every product comes with a solid no- nonsense warranty. It also believes that a solid love

aff air needs the hint of passion, the fiery meetings and the regular calls which tell someone how much it appreciate them. However it is contacted, the

company guarantees a warm welcome and an attentive response.

Visit DJ Assembly at stand E51

Get up close to PCBs, large and small

Panasonic AM100 pick and place machine, which can place up to 36,000 components an hour! The show is also a chance to

meet the dynamic team who will look after your project, from start to finish. Visitors are invited to discuss electronics projects, from prototyping and testing to full box build assembly.

Visit Contract Production at stand C23


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