Rugged DC blowers save space and energy

Metal-bodied, rugged DC blowers in the new U100HL range are space saving and energy saving alternatives to bulky side channel blowers, says Micronel UK. The compact blowers are for

industrial and process control pressure or suction/vacuum applications. They have an aluminium IP67 housing, eff icient brushless DC motor with integrated electronic driver, M16 connector and G¾ inch pipe threads for 32mm hose connection. The housing complies with protection class IP67 with connected suction and discharge ports. The blowers can generate over

120mBar (12,000 pascals) of pressure and achieve free blowing air flow over 900litres/min (54m3

/hour) from

a small package measuring 107 x 107 x 118mm. The 24V DC 200W brushless DC

motor uses a fraction of the power of larger and bulkier side channel blowers, explains the company, while the built-in brushless DC driver circuit allows ease of use. Other

Support to help prepare for smart business and industry 4.0

Support for manufacturers from operations and shop floor processes through to digitalisation are designed to facilitate manufacturing growth across the North West. Made Smarter and the Manufacturing Growth

features include FG frequency (tacho) signal output, on/off control by logic signal SP (set speed), locked rotor protection (one min), ESD protection 16kV and NTC temperature sensor outputs from the motor. Micronel specialises in high

performance blowers and fans for industries with special performance characteristics, such as medical, electronics cooling, personal protection, packaging, gas analysis, laboratory, transportation and process control. It also off ers standard slim fans, axial fans and high performance high pressure radial blowers from UK stock and provide technical design support for modified products and client specific designs.

Visit Micronel UK at stand E45

Fund provide funding and advice to help businesses boost productivity and profitability through operational eff iciency and digital technologies. Specifically, the Manufacturing Growth Fund

off ers SMEs in the manufacturing and engineering sector impartial advice to help assess opportunities and barriers to growth. It makes improvement recommendations and provides a grant towards the cost of bringing in specialist expertise for eligible projects. The fund is available to manufacturers looking to increase production capacity, streamline manufacturing processes, increase innovation and access new markets. Specialist manufacturing advisers will work with you and walk through the processes and business strategy identifying strengths and understanding challenges that the business faces. With the manufacturing sector always evolving and currently undergoing a digital transformation, it works alongside Made Smarter to provide manufacturers with a holistic review of their business. Made Smarter is the UK-government backed

Industry 4.0 Accelerator initiative, designed to drive UK manufacturing growth, productivity and transformation. The Made Smarter pilot aims to support manufacturers, engineers, makers and creators across the North West with the option of new technologies, from 3D printers

Safeguard your panel against malware

Your panel is under attack, warns Nexus Industrial Memory. The company will show how to safeguard your next embedded system with both physical security and the latest security hardware authentication. It is showcasing the Datakey

CryptoAuthentication memory token, which uses a crypto- authentication IC from Microchip, moulded into a rugged, removable Datakey memory token. Security features of the token,

coupled with the physical security provided by the specialised Datakey connectors make it

particularly suitable for applications such as device authentication or counterfeit protection, secure firmware updates and crypto- ignition keys. The company invites visitors to

discover how easy it is to develop with this CryptoAuthentication memory token range.

Travelling right – with protective packaging

Cases and protective packaging displayed by Peli Products (UK) will include the Peli Protector case range. More than 30 years of product development has ensured the Peli range is the ‘go to’ choice for protecting instrumentation, components and fragile items, says the company. The cases off er watertight, dustproof and crushproof security for the transportation of specialised industrial equipment. They are covered by a “You break it, we replace it” lifetime guarantee. Cases are produced in over

80 sizes and protect sensitive equipment against extreme conditions. The automatic pressure equalisation valve stops moisture

from entering the case and prevents vacuum-lock so it can be opened easily at any altitude.

The foam engineering facility,

MSA Foams, off ers machined, pressed or fabricated foam products to fit an extensive range of cases and containers to protect components at all stages, from the beginning of the manufacturing line, in transit and in operation. MSA is accredited to ISO14001

and ISO9001. It also has MPAS accreditation, certified to design and manufacture military packaging. Protective packaging services

are designed in-house and tailored to fit the equipment. Precision-

Datakey receptacles are

manufactured to only mate with the Datakey token; no foreign bodies like a USB or SD are allowed, and for good reason – it keeps data safer and more secure. Visitors can also see how easy

it is to mount the receptacles in a panel to protect a system. A panel-mounted receptacle

display will demonstrate both the RuggeDrive and serial memory products in action.

Visit Nexus Industrial Memory at

stand H32

to system integration and robotics. A team of Industry 4.0 experts work with all types of manufacturers to help them stay ahead of competitors, meet increasing demands and operate eff iciently. Whether a business has started the journey to digital

transformation, or simply needs impartial advice on how digital technology could help, it can contact us for support. We can provide fully-funded specialist advice, grant funding, access to a subsidised leadership programme and student placements, to ensure a business can easily and eff iciently implement new technology into your operations.

Visit Made Smarter/Manufacturing Growth Fund at

stand B115

Polymers aids recycling industry

Polymer distribution company, Polydist UK, partners some of the world’s leading polymer producers, such as Braskem, Equate and SABIC. It sources, stocks and delivers a broad range of high-quality prime materials, produced with the latest technologies. It serves a network of local

consumers across the UK, from niche medical suppliers to multi- nationals in consumer goods. It also off ers a wide range of post-consumer waste products, including HDPE and PP.

In addition to commodity grades,

the company has a range of engineering and specialty polymers and has added SABIC’s Specialties products to its portfolio. The NORYL, ULTEM, LNP compounds and co-polymer materials support demanding, high performance markets, such as mass transportation, healthcare, electrical and electronics, MoD and many more demanding high-performance markets.

Visit Polydist UK at stand D14

Workwear and safety products join cable components

C-class components, including plastic and metal fasteners, caps and plugs, PCB accessories and cable management products from Optimas Solutions-Components Division are now joined by a range of personal protective equipment (PPE), work wear, tools and safety products within its maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) product off ering. At this year’s exhibition, there will

engineered foam ensures each item is securely packed and protected from drops, knocks and vibration. Coloured foam inserts ensure missing items are easily identified.

Visit Peli Products (UK) at stand M55

be samples as well as application engineers and technical experts to discuss any current or future design engineering challenges with visitors. Visitors will also see cable

glands, ties, clips, sleeving, grommets and strain relief bushings, produced by a number of leading manufacturing partners. New ranges

of bonded fasteners, PCB mounting accessories and adhesives will also be showcased. The adhesive collection includes many variants of cyanoacrylates, RTV silicone, thread lockers, gaskets makers and UV cure technologies. Much of the range is manufactured in the UK.

Visit Optimas Solutions- Components Division at


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