How the electric car market is accelerating at speed

Leading South Coast car-retail business The Peter Cooper Motor Group is at the forefront of the electric vehicle revolution

Official statistics, published by Autocar, showed 108,205 electric vehicles (EVs) were sold in 2020, up 180% year on year. Nearly 250,000 electric cars were on the roads in the UK in February this year, a figure set to double in 2021.

With government grants, massive company car tax benefits and rapid advancements in technology, it is no wonder the market for fully electric cars is gathering at such speed. For a number of years, the Peter Cooper Motor Group has been redefining its business, ready to navigate the change to electric.

The company has just launched (my electric vehicle charging points), an electric charger installation business which caters for the needs of a single private user, or a company or developer needing multiple units. This business opportunity seems incredibly well timed by the managing director of The Peter Cooper Motor Group, Darren Cooper.

companies were asking customers to do all the investigative work themselves. is completely different, we survey every property, do all the investigative work, so our customers don’t have to.”

He added: “Businesses are looking to encourage staff to go green and are now looking to install electric charging points at places of work. Developers are installing points in all new developments, apartment blocks, council car parks and alike. At the moment you see the occasional charging point in a company car park but fast forward two to five years and they will be visible everywhere.”

According to Cooper, there are a number of other factors which will help accelerate the electric vehicle growth further.

He continued: “The first is the rapid development of technology that we are seeing. Batteries are developing so they can last longer and charge quicker. ‘Range anxiety’ will quickly become a concern relating only to the very first vehicles we saw on the market. Most new electric cars now boast a range of up to 250-350 miles, which easily covers most people’s daily needs considering you can start each day with a full charge. It’s like filling your car up every night.

“The second is convenience of infrastructure and the deals that the manufacturers are doing with supermarkets. Volkswagen worked in partnership with Tesco to put electric charging points

He said: “ will look after our customers during this exciting change from traditional fuels to electric. Thought needs to go into where your charging point can go, what size can your property cope with, will other works be necessary? We realised that the larger installation

in all its Superstores. At the time, this increased charging points in the UK by 14% almost overnight. Many motorway service stations now offer super chargers which allow cars to be topped up by 50% in around 20 minutes, enough time for a convenience break and a coffee.

40 MAY/JUNE 2021

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