events Exciting new addition to BIS Expo 2021 Don’t miss Tomorrow’s Business World Zone

Visitors to the Business Innovation South Expo can glimpse the future when they visit the Tomorrow’s Business World Zone

The Tomorrow’s Business World Zone, sponsored by Vostron and TUV SUD, features universities from across the south:

• University of Southampton • University of Surrey • University of Winchester • Solent University • Portsmouth University.

“We want to offer a glimpse at the tech of tomorrow and show businesses how they can work with universities,” said Lara Bull, business woman behind BIS Expo 2021.

“I hope this new zone inspires exhibitors and visitors. Technology advances at such a pace and universities are able to work with businesses of all sizes and sectors so I want to give them the opportunity to showcase the many ways in which they can do this, for example through Knowledge Transfer Partnerships schemes.

“Vostron and TUV SUD could both see the benefit of this new zone and their sponsorship enables the stands to be ‘gifted’.”

The expo will take place on 15 September at the Hilton Hotel near the Ageas Bowl and showcases established southern businesses from within the science, technology, engineering and innovation sectors and aligned service providers.

The University of Southampton is offering business leaders the opportunity to take advantage of their world-leading research, specialist enterprise units and high- calibre students.

“One option could be a Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) which connects innovative businesses with academic expertise and a suitably qualified graduate to deliver a project of strategic importance, create transformational change and transfer and embed the knowledge within

“The University of Southampton has a diverse portfolio of successful KTPs from projects looking at semiconductors, ship engineering and efficient coach travel to project management software.

“A recently completed project with AccelerComm, a company providing solutions to accelerate the next generation of wireless communications, addressed the hardware acceleration of signal processing algorithms for 5G mobile communication. The project transferred research-derived knowledge from the University, enabling the development of new first-to-market and best-in-class products,” explained business engagement manager, Kerrie Graham.

the business. Benefits could include improving productivity, realising a new capability, delivering new product development or facilitating entry to new markets. KTPs come with the added benefit of being up to 67% funded by a grant from Innovate UK. The graduate works for the business full time and is often recruited by the company at the end of the project.

Lara Bull

Senior business manager at University of Surrey, Jenny Ritchie, said more opportunities would arise for businesses to collaborate with universities as we come out of the pandemic.

“We have been busy throughout the past year using Covid-19 funding to keep collaborations going and we will be using our funding programmes to look at how we can help businesses move on from the pandemic and be more resilient. Our innovation teams are readily available to provide the advice and connections businesses need to scale-up and grow.”

Mike Toy, stakeholder engagement manager at Solent University, said: “We are looking forward to making new connections at the BIS Expo 2021 and reconnecting with businesses we already know. During the pandemic our Solent Business School has been working with 140 small businesses on a 10-week leadership programme looking at how they can survive and then thrive.

“As well as being an opportunity for us to share our expertise, we have learned a great deal about how the pandemic has been affecting business and that will help shape our future conversations with industry.”

To find out more about BIS Expo 2021, go to:

In addition to the expo there are three FREE web conferences on 12 May, 16 June and 7 July with speakers drawn from across business, local government and academia. For more information on these visit: speaker-sessions

Lara Bull

26 MAY/JUNE 2021

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