Like all business owners at this time, Davidson has to reflect on existing workplaces and how the use of these will evolve.

“Our ambition with our new Slough office has always been predicated by the idea that our people will increasingly want more flexible working options. We recognise that aspects of our workplace will have to change in order for employees to return safely and with confidence.”

Davidson and the Haines Watts team have been able to open the new Slough office with tactical solutions already in place.

“Our team in Slough has done a fantastic job in creating an environment that enables people to return to work, including understanding capacity limits, rotating days, distributing people in the space, enhanced cleaning procedures, distancing signage, and re-configuring how people move.”

enable safer workplaces but also are likely to engage more with the Gen Z talent pool.”

Optimistic about the future

As a leading accountancy firm, Haines Watts has continued to show impressive year-on-year growth in the 2019/20 financial year. Its Slough office reported its most successful year in decades, with revenue up substantially.

Davidson reflected: “Our strong performance over recent years has enabled our business to weather Covid-19 relatively well. As a management team we have undertaken rigorous forecasting and scenario planning and I’m proud our Slough office has been able to keep all our people in employment.

Davidson has consulted with all staff throughout the Covid-19 pandemic, including via a wellbeing survey.

He commented: “The findings indicate that most staff would like to combine a mix of days in the office with days working at home. We believe that liberating our workforce, particularly those who have young children, caring responsibilities, and long commutes will create a better work-life balance for us all. It need not impact productivity.”

However, he admits that there is a balance to be achieved.

“We don’t just work to earn money. We enjoy coming together to solve problems, generate ideas, learn and mentor those starting out in their careers. This sense of connection is vital for our business our clients and the mental health of our people.

“I think a combination of staggered working will be our new normal. As a firm, we were fortunate that we have in recent years invested in tech that enables our staff to work remotely. Our hardware, software, security and infrastructure is already set up to facilitate this at capacity. We were therefore able to hit the ground running when lockdown happened.

For Davidson, the exciting part of this ‘home working experiment’ that Covid-19 has forced, is that the rate of adoption of new technologies and online platforms has increased exponentially.

“We, like many of our clients, will be looking at how we now integrate these, as standard working practice. We will continue to explore new tech like enabling smart phones to release doors and drive adoption. Not only will these


“We believe in the astounding resilience of owner- managed businesses. Not all sectors have fared equally as well, which we acknowledge. However, we remain committed to seeking opportunities where they arise and supporting clients as they rebuild and repurpose their businesses.

“We will also continue to recruit talent locally and invest in their development. We will continue to embed our values which centre on a passion for our business and clients; building relationships and being curious and savvy advisers. We are excited about investing in the next generation in Slough who will carry on the Haines Watts DNA and ultimately run and lead the business.“

Michael Davidson

For more information:

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