Deals Awards postponed to

November Due to the continuing uncertainty over COVID-19, the Thames Valley Deals Awards will now be staged on November 18, 2020

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Adapting to changing client demands

writes Matthew Farrant, partner, Haines Watts, Farnborough

The Covid pandemic has driven remarkable change and influenced and reshaped client demands. If we want to do more than just keep up, we need to consider these evolutions and how in turn we can adapt to continue to thrive.

Customer base

The event will take place at the Madejski Stadium, Reading, and will include categories from the Solent Deals Awards.

Regular presenter Mark Durden-Smith will host the awards – the key event in the region’s corporate finance calendar.

Staged by The Business Magazine, the event has been postponed from October 5 to give organisers more chance of staging a physical event.

“We are hoping that restrictions will be eased by November so that we can hold a live event and welcome all our regular guests to this awards night.

“For this year only, we are also combining the Thames Valley event with some awards categories from the Solent region, to make this a celebration of southern success,” said David Murray, The Business Magazine managing director.

Judging for the Thames Valley Deals has already taken place, but Solent categories are open for entries and will be judged in the autumn.

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In order to maximise gains but minimise risks, it is important to consider optimising the current market you have been targeting. Our clients’ businesses and

operations adapted during this 4-5 month period. According to Forbes, Linkedin have reported a 3x increase in time spent learning. Having spoken to a number of our clients throughout this period about how they are getting on, a number have found opportunities in selling direct to the consumer. We cannot underestimate the potential that brings to making our delivery channels more efficient, by essentially cutting out the middle man.

Customer experience

The experience we are providing our clients also needs to evolve. As our client’s end consumer spending habits have adapted over this short timeframe, our clients need to follow suit to meet expectations and demand. Sales through different media channels are on the up as we work from home. Social media, mobiles, updated interactive website experiences are all but some forms of adaptations in customer experience.

Nothing in modern history comes close to what we are currently experiencing and the changes this brings to our personal and professional lives. Sadly, this means our historical data we’ve been collecting over the years now only forms part of our mechanism for planning for the future. Through challenging times comes the opportunity to expand our knowledge and grow. Now more than ever we have the chance to learn collectively from others and our past business experiences.

Every now and again, sit back, put your feet up, look outside your window and just think about how this new age has impacted your clients and what fresh opportunities lie ahead.

Matthew Farrant 2020


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