technology Twelve years on for Spectrum IT

Spectrum IT Recruitment was founded 12 years ago to carry out specialist software and technology recruitment mainly across the south, alongside other core technology recruitment, writes Ian Cruickshank, managing director

Based on the University’s Science Park near Southampton, Spectrum IT has supported numerous businesses in finding suitable software developers and software engineers, for permanent employee roles and temporary resource for specific projects or other short-term requirements, and has also provided a valuable service to candidates looking for IT roles in the region. Spectrum IT typically works with software companies or those where software is integral to their business.

So what market trends are we seeing in IT recruitment right now? Technology is moving on in leaps and bounds and the demand for good software developers is as high as ever. We did see some companies pause their recruitment at the start of lockdown but for many this was only a temporary phase and by the middle of April several of our clients were proactively recruiting again. As time goes on more and more clients are re-engaging in their recruitment process although, as expected, this is sector driven.

A lot of technology is about moving forward and looking to the future for the next generation of products and services. It is also about using technology to adapt to changing circumstances.

During the COVID-19 pandemic many companies have had to progress their technology, either

to operate their core business or as a business opportunity to adapt or advance their own products and services. We are finding that once our clients have identified a need to recruit and if they are highly engaged in the recruitment process then the length of time to get someone on board may be relatively swift. As an established business with local market knowledge, Spectrum IT has a large network of candidates that it can access when sourcing candidates to meet specific client requirements. Traffic to our website has remained buoyant as candidates search for new roles. We saw a dip in March but in the months following, traffic has risen steadily in line with the increase in available roles.

Employers have become more innovative with the interviewing and on-boarding processes when the usual office environment has not been accessible. Telephone and video conferencing have become the norm for the interview process, and this often extends to ‘meet the team’ and virtual office tours. Laptops and other IT hardware can be couriered to the new employee’s home so that they can get up and running from day one.

Most of us have experienced at least some working from home over the past few months. We are finding that employers are willing to offer candidates greater flexibility around working hours and the proportion of home working to office working

to accommodate specific personal circumstances. Another benefit from this shift towards home working is the saving in commuting time, contributing to a better work/ life balance which is increasingly important to many candidates.

We are observing businesses becoming more active as socially distanced office-based working is commencing and our clients have started to return furloughed staff and reignite projects. The Science Park, where we are based, is becoming noticeably busier. We are already seeing a good demand for both permanent and temporary resource.

The company was founded in 2008, just as the UK economy was going into the last recession. Spectrum IT is experienced in helping businesses in the tougher times as well as the good times and has been supportive of tech companies and IT personnel in the region for many years.

Spectrum IT is very pleased to be the headline sponsor for the first virtual South Coast Tech Awards taking place in October and we encourage you to show off your company’s achievements in technology by submitting a nomination for an award.

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