focus on portsmouth Thriving in these exceptional times

Most business leaders know how important good business processes are to delivering exceptional quality to customers and maintaining agility

However, for many, optimising processes can be complicated. In addition, not every business has the necessary skills in house or are hesitant to commit to external help and the cost that involves.

For SERT, an innovative and fast growing workforce solutions business based in Fareham, the opportunity to enhance and streamline its processes was vital to the success of the company. The company looked to Skore, a process discovery and improvement software specifically designed for teams struggling to get on top of their processes.

CEO Mark Edwards said: “We are looking at a variety of new technologies to grow our business, from robotics and artificial intelligence to blockchain. But we have to clearly understand our processes first and identify the opportunities to apply those technologies most effectively. Using Skore is like holding a mirror up to our business so we can clearly see what’s happening and what needs to change.”

Based in the Portsmouth Technopole, the team at Skore have built a fully web-based product, making it easy for teams to create, analyse and share processes. The founders have extensive experience working in process improvement with both global businesses as well as small startups.

“Skore is perfect for businesses

that are large enough and complex enough that they need to constantly optimise their processes but not yet large enough to have a team of experienced analysts dedicated to this effort on a daily basis. There are a huge number of these businesses in the Portsmouth area alone,” said Skore’s operations director, Craig Willis.

“Teams don’t need to be experienced process consultants when using Skore, they just need to be enthusiastic about improving the business.”

By making it easier for teams to understand and discuss business processes, Skore enables businesses to develop better communications and work more effectively. Director of quality assurance at SERT, Andrew de Bere said: “Skore has made it so much easier for us to uncover and resolve process problems. Everyone who takes part in a Skore process session is engaged, there’s a lot of excitement in the room as people see processes come to life and come up with new and innovative solutions.” The easy to use and intuitive interface means processes can be mapped in group settings directly into the tool allowing the company to quickly build a central process library.

As the Covid-19 crisis took hold of the economy, agile and innovative businesses have turned to their processes to support rapid decision making. Skore is being used by

companies globally to understand the impact of resource availability, supply chain disruption and wild fluctuations in customer demand.

In SERT, Skore has been instrumental in carrying on business as usual in these unprecedented times. SERT were able to onboard a new group sales director virtually using its Skore library of processes. “Ensuring our new starter had full access to business procedures and processes from day one meant he knew the score from the start. A week in and he’s up to speed,” said Edwards.

“We are extremely proud to have supported so many businesses through the roller coaster of the past few months” added Willis. “First the move to remote working meant Skore, being web based, could support many project teams to continue working from home. Now leaders are taking the tentative steps to bring businesses back online in a new normal. They want to optimise every process, squeeze as much value as they can from existing assets. Skore is helping them do that by providing a deep understanding of their business processes.”

Getting started with Skore is very easy, from a simple 14-day self- service software trial through to a tailored onboarding plan. To find out more visit the website or contact Chris Green. 07900 997249


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