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We are proud to present the latest edition of Falconer. In this issue, we explore difficulties in attempting to strike a delicate balance between the classic and the innovative. We are challenged to maintain the basic features that helped forge the reputation of a successful product while also steadily introducing new features that will allow it to remain successful as market demands evolve.

The new issue first pays tribute to the late Serge Dassault, whose visionary leadership helped position our company as the industry standard bearer it is today: a constant innovator steeped in the tradition of engineering and manufacturing excellence. Then, with the Falcon 6X, we take a look at how Serge’s vision is embodied in our newest Falcon – one that combines the classic aerodynamics and handling quality of the Falcons that came before it with a brand new, ultra widebody cabin and a host of new technologies that will establish a new standard in the 5,000 nautical mile segment.

Leila Mejdalani Pereira and José Roberto Lamacchia are our guests in this issue’s customer profile. Well known in Brazil for their sound and profitable investments, this power couple’s Falcon 8X is the horsepower behind a range of exciting projects that will impact the future of this giant South American nation.

Our highly advanced completions center in Little Rock, Arkansas has always embodied the challenge of blending old world craftsmanship with advanced modern technology. “Build Up” explores how Little Rock is harnessing new techniques, like additive manufacturing, to fashion even more creative and innovative custom interiors.

“Connectivity Simplified” addresses the perennial headache of staying connected while in the air, a task we’ve greatly simplified with our latest option, FalconConnect. In “Perspectives”, we speak with longtime Falcon employee and director of spares, Eric Smith, about his role in making Dassault the industry standard in the art of spares management. Finally, in “Stopover”, we visit the iconic and historic Morrocan city of Casablanca, where past and future meet for an unforgettable travelling experience.

Welcome aboard!

Eric Trappier Chairman & CEO Dassault Aviation

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