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The Falcon 6X offers the highest and widest cross-section in any purpose-built business jet. The most headroom at 6 feet 6 (1.98 meters) inches, tall enough even for basketball legend Michael Jordan. A width of 8 feet 6 inches (2.58 meters), ample room for two people to comfortably pass each other in the expansive aisle. More than 40 feet in length. That’s room to work, in groups or individually (up to 16 passengers in three separate lounge areas). Room to entertain. Room to sleep on long flights of up to 5,500 nautical miles, or about 12 hours.

All that space enables customers to configure their cabin plan in multiple ways including entryway options, a crew rest area, and a spacious rear lounge, affording greater privacy when desired. As you would expect, the Falcon 6X cabin will incorporate the latest broadband connectivity systems for seamless inflight communications and high- speed access to Internet and corporate networks. New network technology will deliver crisp, high-definition audio and video content throughout the cabin. And then there’s the subtle design touches: hidden compartments for stowing mobile phones and tablets, retractable chargers, message signage that is invisible when not illuminated, and body-hugging seats.

The 6X’s windows will be the largest of any Falcon – 30 in total – plus the industry’s first business aircraft skylight located over the galley area. Almost 5,000 square inches of glass for the highest percentage of window area in its class. A luminous cabin flooded with natural light. And thanks to the quietest cabin in the sky, a Falcon hallmark, continuously refreshed healthy cabin air, and pressurization at a 3,900-foot altitude, passengers will arrive at their destination with minimal fatigue.


With the Falcon 6X you can reach most of the major business centers in the world without a refueling stop -- London to Los Angeles, Beijing to San Francisco, and Moscow to Singapore. At the faster high-speed cruise, possible legs include Moscow to New York, Paris to Johannesburg, and São Paulo to Chicago. Need to pick up colleagues in another city? With its ability to land at 95% of its maximum takeoff weight, the Falcon 6X can do a short hop to an interim airport, pick up passengers, and continue across the ocean – without refueling. When you arrive in the UK, you can land at London City airport, using Falcon’s renowned short-field capability. Aspen, Saint Tropez, Lugano and other challenging airports are accessible too, bringing you closer to your final destination.

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