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By Jessica Buel


Leila Mejdalani Pereira and José Roberto Lamacchia are well known in Brazil for making sound and profitable investments. Yet their most valuable venture to date might be the purchase of their Falcon 8X, the versatile aircraft that is the horsepower behind a growing consortium of projects spearheaded by this power couple.

With investments in Brazilian banking and lending, collegiate- level distance learning, Brazilian soccer, and philanthropic efforts in the medical field, this dynamic pair uses their aircraft both inside and outside Brazil. Lamacchia and Pereira’s travels might take them from Rio de Janeiro to São Paulo or from Brazil to Dubai, but the 8X is the one constant in an ever- evolving empire.

“We are beginners [in aviation] but anyone is able to understand exceptional things,” Pereira says. “For us, Dassault is the greatest manufacturer in the world. It produces the best airplanes in the world.”

For Peraira and Lamacchia, recognizing and nurturing a worthwhile investment comes naturally. So, when it came time to invest in a private aircraft, the duo chose the Falcon 7X. Pereira and Lamacchia “entered the Dassault family” with the purchase of their 7X, says Pereira, and were so enamored with the airplane they were “anguished” over the decision to trade up.

“I loved the 7X. It’s spectacular,” Pereira explains. “We purchased the 8X and we are very happy. We use the plane both for leisure as for international travel, for short distance as well as long range… it lands anywhere.”

While their 8X travel is guided by Pereira’s and Lamacchia’s work — trips to hubs such as New York, Los Angeles and Paris — Pereira notes that the 8X will be called up this year for a direct flight from Brazil to Dubai.


Confident, comfortable travel is of foremost importance to a partnership that’s empowering growth and transformation in Brazil. Lamacchia’s initial ventures started 53 years ago with Crefisa, a Brazilian lending company that touts personal lending and credit as a means of boosting Brazil’s national economy.

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