EDITOR INTERVIEW In conversation with... Petra Bots, General Manager OilDoc GmbH

How did your lubricants journey begin? The world of lubricants has always been in my blood. I was born into a lubrication family. As a child, my father, Peter Weismann, worked as an international lubricants salesman for Optimol, travelling the world for more than nine months a year.

In 1991, when Optimol restructured, he and my Mum, Barbara Weismann decided that Europe was ready for the first independent high-class laboratory for lubricant analysis in Europe and founded WEARCHECK GmbH (now OELCHECK GmbH), in my home-village Brannenburg.

For my younger brother Paul and me, this meant we were able to regularly supplement our pocket money by doing odd jobs in the laboratory. We accompanied our parents to business meetings and trade shows around the world and saw how difficult it was, especially in the early years, to convince lubricant users of the many benefits of lubricant analysis. The world of lubricants was something that was a natural and familiar route for me.

One could say your parents were visionaries, in particular, your mother was quite a pioneer – how does this resonate with you as a woman working in the industry today? My parents are my personal heroes; especially my mother. She is indeed a strong and independent woman. For her, however, gender issues played no role at all. She gave me the self-image that there is basically nothing you can’t achieve as a woman. However, what’s always important is perseverance, an open view and a real interest in innovations and fellow human beings – that also helps in working in a male-dominated industry.

So lubricants was familiar territory, but did you ever consider a different career path? When I first left school, I didn’t want to have anything to do with lubricants, and so worked as a media designer at an advertising agency. On the sidelines I was busy creating OELCHECK flyers and


presentations, or programming and maintaining the company website. In 2013, I decided to enter my own division of the

family business; since then I have been MD of OilDoc Academy, an independent OELCHECK spin-off.

How would you describe the value of the OilDoc Academy to industry members? Our goal is to impart knowledge on all aspects of lubricants, lubrication, condition monitoring and proactive maintenance in a practical and understandable way. We organise roughly 50 seminars and workshops every year (pre-Covid) and bi-annually, the OilDoc Conference & Exhibition welcomes around 450 participants. We produce video training materials, are part of the editorial team of “Schmierstoff+Schmierung” magazine and support our customers through coaching programmes and lubricant-related trouble-shooting.

This year’s OilDoc Conference has been moved to November. What can we expect? I’m excited to say that November’s OilDoc will be the same, with a slightly different format! You can expect another excellent presentation programme with leading industry speakers at the international exhibition venue in Rosenheim. All safety measures will be in place of course. We have a new location for our traditional Bavarian Evening and on Day 3, for the first time, excursions and practical-oriented workshops will be available.

For virtual participants the whole event and all presentations will be streamed live in our event App with the opportunity to ask questions and interact with other participants!

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