Sustainability Task Force: In its first year of activity, the Task Force has developed a strategy for the Union of the European Lubricants Industry (UEIL) to embrace sustainability. During their four meetings in 2019, members of the Task Force established sustainability objectives for the association, assessed and defined its positioning in the sustainability debate, identified key stakeholder audiences, a narrative (incl. definition proposal) and key priorities (e.g. SWOT and alignment with SDGs).

The work has been carried by a small group of 14 dedicated members across the process and value chain of the European lubricants industry, from base oils and additive suppliers through finished lube blenders up to the customer side of the industry with an ambitious and expert approach to sustainability. The initial work of the group is now to be revised by the association’s Board of Directors and discussed with the broader UEIL membership from 2020 onwards.

HSE Committee:

During the last meeting of the UEIL HSE Committee in October 2019, an ATC representative was invited to present the work of the additive association. The main topics discussed by the association include the activities of the ATIEL/ATC “generic exposure scenario”, as well as the use and safe handling of substances, highlighting ECHA improvements, and the new format of Use Map and the SWED template (Sector-specific Worker Exposure Descriptions). The ATC may organise a training for HSE in Brussels in Q1 2020, once all documents have been finalised by ATIEL/ATC.

HSE would welcome the participation of an ATC representative in our meetings in order to strengthen the partnership, as well as the exchange of information and news on additives and legislation, if the Board of Directors agree. The HSE will continue to invite experts from other associations. The Asian Lubricant Manufacturers Union (ALMU) is planning a metalworking fluid symposium together with the American ILMA in 2020 or 2021. We will consider whether UEIL HSE should participate.


Technical and Competition Committee: In January 2018, Mr. Ad van Genderen took the chairmanship of the Technical Committee over from Mr. Tim Bates. During that year, the meetings of the Technical Committee (TC) and the Competition Committee (CC) were split. In 2019, a new schedule planning was set-up where TC and CC were combined into a single meeting format. This proved to be very successful as there are no double discussions on cases, and both committees are involved in all cases. As explained by Mr. van Genderen: “My demand was originally for this to last one year, but then I have added an extra year. In the September meeting, it was announced that I will stop my work as the chair of the TC. I am very pleased that Ms. Helga Laporte from Wolf Oil will take over my seat as chair of the TC. I wish Helga every success, and I will remain a TC member.”

Taxation Task force: The European Commission is currently reviewing the Energy Taxation Directive that was withdrawn by the European Commission in 2015 (as the file was blocked in Council) and will likely publish a revised Energy Taxation Directive in Q2/Q3 2020. Related to UEIL’s objective to prevent the inclusion of lubes under EMCS (Excise Movement and Control System), certain EU Member States expressed their concern about increased fraud with lubes in Europe and are once again pressing to include lubes under EMCS. UEIL will continue its outreach to Member States in the coming weeks to express its concern.

Finally, the European Commission decided from 1 January 2020 to set a quota of 400 tonnes annually for Gp II between 150 and 650. UEIL is actively lobbying against this decision as it will negatively impact the competitiveness of SMEs, and latest figures from the industry show there is still a shortage of Gp II in Europe.


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