Babcock Introduces Two Airbus

H175s to the Southern Hemisphere Global offshore service

provider Babcock International recently took delivery of two H175s at a ceremony in Darwin, Australia. Babcock’s aircraft are the first H175s to be introduced into the southern hemisphere and will be based in Dili, Timor Leste. The new aircraft will be used to transport personnel and provide search-and-rescue and medevac support in the Timor Sea, approximately 500 kilometers northwest of Darwin.

Aero Design Ltd. Announces Brazilian Certification of Aero Design Cargo Baskets, Bicycle Racks and Steps for the Airbus AS350

The team at Aero Design recently announced Brazilian certification for the complete Aero Design line of products for the Airbus AS350.

Both H175s were freighted to Australia on a single Antonov cargo plane to secure their quick introduction to service on Jan. 1, 2018. The Airbus team has worked closely with Babcock to train 27 pilots and engineers in the assembly, flight and maintenance of the H175s. Babcock will employ 19 more Timorese to support the aircraft at the base, including four local engineers who will attend training at Airbus Helicopters’ headquarters in France in early 2018.

In making its selection of the H175, Babcock noted that the aircraft is the ‘best of type’ for its purposes, offering excellent payload and superior single- engine performance. The two new helicopters join Babcock’s existing global fleet of H175s and will support the company’s regional footprint as it transfers more than 9,000 passengers and 30 tons of freight each year.

For Airbus, Babcock’s delivery further demonstrates the success of the Airbus H175 program in offshore operations, following the aircraft’s introduction in the North Sea, Western Africa and the Gulf of Mexico. With extremely powerful engines, up to 270 nautical miles radius of operation and the latest technology in avionics and automation, the H175 was specifically designed to be extremely safe and competitive in the oil and gas, and search and rescue sectors.

Aero Design continues to expand globally with the addition of Brazilian certification for the complete line of products for the Airbus AS350 and AS355. The industry leading Aero Design Quick Release System is such that it allows the complete line of quick release fixtures including any one of currently 4 sizes of cargo basket, bicycle rack, step or a mix thereof to be installed or removed in less time than it takes perform a weight and balance amendment. The Bicycle Rack allows the transport of three bikes per side, will accept the shortest frame mountain bike with a 26” wheel, to the current longest frame mountain bike with a 29” wheel, all the way up to 4” wide and with no modification necessary to the rack.

Tucson Police Department Selects ABLE Aerospace for CR&O Support

The Tucson Police Department recently selected Able Aerospace Services to provide component repair and overhaul (CR&O) and parts services for its Air Support Unit fleet of Bell Jet Ranger 206B3 helicopters. The contract will provide the Tucson Police Department with access to Able’s expanded repair catalog and enable accelerated CR&O solutions at substantial savings.

As a Bell Certified Service Center and member of the Textron group of companies, Able is uniquely qualified to serve the Air Support Unit with one of the world’s largest Bell Helicopter parts exchange pools and thousands of proprietary, FAA-approved repairs. Able will combine these capabilities with mobile on-site maintenance, as required, to allow the Tucson PD to repair parts that it would otherwise have to purchase new – a significant consideration for Air Support Unit helicopters that each log up to 500 hours per year.

Aero Design President and Canadian M1/M2 AME Jason Rekve says, “The Brazilian approval joins a growing list of STCs for the Airbus line of products including our Canadian, U.S., and European certifications and as always we look forward supporting our existing customers and creating new relationships.”

“Able has decades of experience serving public entities and understands the importance of delivering the highest quality workmanship in the fastest and most cost- effective manner,” said Gabriel Massey, general manager for Able Aerospace Services. “Able has become a market leader in this arena, saving customers millions of dollars as we keep them safely flying. We are honored that the Tucson Police Department has selected us to support their Air Support Unit as it protects the Tucson community.” 19

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