Poly M First Blocks Class Pack

These large and easy to handle building bricks are ideal for young children as a first step in construction. The box lid doubles up as a construction base plate. Two play scenes and eye stickers included. Suitable for age 12 months+

800947 128 piece set £107.60 Tubi Construction

Tubi allows children to plan and construct unlimited runs of various lengths either as open or closed circuits. The pieces are simple to assemble and when the construction is complete the final test is to see if the ball can roll freely through. Improves manual coordination and planning skills. Suitable for age 3 years+

D45250 120 piece set £73.90 Nature Blocks

These pieces of wood offer a very natural and different approach to building blocks. The pieces are 2, 4, 6 or 8cm long with parallel ends, they vary in diameter. Includes platform pieces and other challenging shapes. Please note: This product is made from natural wood and pieces of bark may become detached. Suitable for age 3 years+

840173 Pack £35.25

World People Set

The world people set is a powerful tool which encourages discussions about respecting similarities and differences among people. The set invites children to role play with four different families and opens their minds to exploring cultures, gender, age, and family relationships. 16 Pieces. Suitable for age 2 years+

800694 Pack £39.95

Click Blocks

A collection of 100 building blocks in assorted shapes. These wooden blocks are the perfect size for little hands to grasp and stack on top of each other. They ‘click’ together firmly to create all sorts of building projects and can easily be detached to start a new design. Encourages creative play and the development of fine motor skills. Suitable for age 12 months+

816495 Coloured 816496 Natural

6 Shop Little Learners

Set Set

£69.95 £69.95

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