Would you recommend the product Education STEAM Park was

to others? Yes, the LEGO®

great fun and all the children got a turn to use everything. There was also so many additional items to extend their learning further, the children were much more creative and open to exploring new ideas.

Spring Nursery, RAF Linton on Ouse

product for? Some children use the LEGO®

What activities did you use the Education

STEAM Park pictures provided in the package, copying/recreating the models shown. Others designed and built on their own. As the week went on the children explored even more, using the product in all our different areas and extending other activities, such as;

• Using the bricks to make flowers for our garden centre.

• Adding them to the paint area, printing with the bricks, making some great pictures.

• A game of tic tac toe with our out of school children age 4-10.

• Racing with the LEGO® DUPLO® cars on

the track, adding some of our own cars. The children also transported the cars to the construction area where they built ramps to race down.

• We used the number bricks to practice our counting skills, placing them in order and also to count different groups of objects.

• We have a little girl with a broken leg at the moment and have been talking about body parts and bones. Two of our children built a model using a little LEGO®

DUPLO® child

and the wheelchair. Telling me how the little girl had broken both her legs and needed a wheelchair to move around the house they built for her.

• Three of our boys built models each comparing the different sizes of their creations. We extended this by measuring them with rulers. One boy had an idea to use the bricks to measure. We then went around the room measuring lots of different objects and toys.

Customer’s verdict Alphabet City Day Nursery

Spring Nursery

10/10 9/10

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Did the product help with the achievement of any key learning

objectives? • The children have used it for number recognition, ordering/groups.

• Learning different colours.

• It was great for their hand-eye coordination and concentration skills (especially one child that doesn’t normally sit any longer than five minutes).

• They have also been learning to take turns with the racing cars.

• Observation of the world around us (such as the little girl in the wheelchair).

• Use of the children’s expressive art, design and imagination skills.

Would you recommend the product

to others? Overall this was a great product used in all areas of our children’s development and would most definitely recommend to others. We have had hours of fun exploring it.

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