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Education STEAM Park

For this issue, we asked two nurseries to put the LEGO® Education STEAM Park resource to the test, which is designed to build on a child’s natural curiosity and desire to create, explore and investigate the world of STEAM through creative play.

Here’s what our nurseries thought of the set:

Alphabet City Day Nursery, Falconhurst

What activities did you use the

product for? We did child-led activities with small groups of children to see where they went with their learning and the adults supported and guided them if needed. We also provided the LEGO® Education STEAM Park cards (included in the set) for those children that we felt wanted more direction on what they could make.

Did the product help with the achievement of any key learning

objectives? Yes, most definitely! The children could be imaginative as well as extending their problem- solving skills and mathematical thinking. The children took on risks and challenges with what they made by balancing objects and using the pullies. They problem solved together as a team helping to find solutions on what they could do to challenge themselves further.

They enjoyed using the little people and animals to extend their imagination further using lots of expressive language. The cards were also popular where the children got more ideas on what to make.

I asked the children what they liked about the set and some of the them said the following:

'I like the slides I can make a park.' 'The car track makes the cars go really fast.' 'I like knocking the towers off my castle.' 'I like making the pictures on the cards.'

The children enjoyed turn taking and were happy to share with others as there was so much for them to use.

14 Shop Little Learners

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