News Care UK achieves fourth ‘outstanding’ rating

Perry Manor care home in Worcestershire has become the fourth Care UK home to achieve an ‘outstanding’ rating from the Care Quality Commission (CQC).

The 80-bed home, which opened in 2014, is the first older people’s care home in Worcestershire to be rated ‘outstanding’. One of the five areas in which inspectors awarded the rating was ‘leadership’, which is spearheaded by home manager, Katherine Matthews. In the report, one relative said: “I cannot

praise or thank the team enough. They are shining examples of outstanding, exemplary care. Much of this comes down to leadership and I am indebted hugely to Katherine and her team.” Matthews says: “I’m over the moon the CQC’s inspectors have rated us ‘outstanding’. My team constantly strives to create the very best caring and supportive atmosphere for the residents here at Perry Manor. It’s brilliant to have our hard work recognised by the national care regulator. “I’m incredibly proud of the team and our

‘outstanding’ rating just shows the dedication and commitment every one of them has to making Perry Manor a fantastic place to live. I would like to say thank you for their hard work, something which I know is echoed by the residents and their families here at the home.” Inspectors commented on the philosophy of the home and how it focuses on residents being supported to live the lives they chose; the team was commended for its ‘can do’ attitude, which enhances residents’ quality of life. One resident says: “They are great at helping me to do the things I enjoy. I’m very

happy here”. A relative comments: “The team are marvellous, really friendly and take time to talk to you. They are there for you when you really need them to be.” Credit was given to the team for including

residents in all decisions about the home environment. It was noted that the team’s willingness to spend time with, and create special moments for, the residents was clearly appreciated by their loved ones.

Hull residents feeling ‘blooming marvellous’

Residents and staff at a Hull care home are feeling blooming marvellous after scooping a gardening award. Elm Tree Court won the award after impressing the judges with its beautiful garden, adding an extra splash of colour as part of an annual competition organised by the Hica Group. The initiative is part of a drive by the care

home provider to help ease the symptoms of dementia among its residents. Gardening is seen as beneficial for people struggling to cope with the condition, offering a rewarding challenge and focus for their outdoor talents. Preston Road located Elm Tree Court is one

of 14 care homes across Hull, East Riding and Lincolnshire where residents have participated in this year’s Hica in Bloom competition, working hard to impress with their horticultural skills. The winner was announced at Hica’s annual

Shine ball, which was attended by 170 service users. The runners-up prize went to Wilton

Lodge, also in Hull. When awarding Elm Tree Court the top prize, the judges praised the residents’ hard work, care for open spaces and all round gardening expertise. Adam Ward, manager at Elm Tree Court,

says: “Residents love spending time in our garden. It’s a labour of love for them as they put in so much work to get the flowers and plants looking their very best. We’re looking forward to incorporating new ideas, so that we’re in pole position to try and win the competition again next year, which launches in February.” Penni Brown, Hica CEO, says: “Well done to

Elm Tree Court on their success. Thanks also to all our care homes who took part this year. It’s fantastic to see the effort that everyone has made to ensure our gardens look their very best and are an enjoyable pleasure.” The Hica Group, which runs 15 care homes and two retirement villages, introduced the

November 2018 •

Inspectors agreed that the inclusive

approach the team had developed to supporting people with dementia was exceptional, including team members positioning themselves in one resident’s reality, which is orientated to their working life. The report relays how one relative said: “The team treat residents with dignity and respect and most importantly, despite their dementia, care for them as individual people with very different needs and wants.”

Left to right: Adam Ward, manager, Elm Tree Court, Dianne Pennington, deputy manager and Penni Brown, chief executive, Hica in the award winning garden

Hica in Bloom competition four years ago and it continues to grow in popularity each time it is held. Participating homes are encouraged to raise funds to spend on garden projects as well as benefitting from a £250 donation from the care operator’s Shine Fund.


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