Show review

providers, highlighting an urgent need to move away from the use of archaic postal methods.

What does a good life look like? asked Alex Fox, CEO of Shared Lives Plus, as he advocated ways in which carers can build that personal relationship with those they care for. He stated that it is important that we combine both the practical and medical needs of a person with their social and emotional needs, pointing out: “There’s never been a service for loneliness”. His matchmaking recruitment strategy, which can take three to six months to get right, has seen 10,000 carers paired with people based upon compatibility. “Friends, family and fun is what it’s all about,” he said. Michael Corbett, event manager for The Care Show, said: “Acting as a true barometer for the care sector, Care Show 2018 demonstrates just how vibrant, passionate and determined the UK is to deliver outstanding care to our vulnerable and ageing society. “With visitor numbers up year-on- year, aisles, stands and theatres packed to the brim, and 97 per cent of exhibitors already booked for 2019, The Care Show arms you with the highest quality tools, training and technologies to deliver exceptional care and operate a profitable care business.”

Exhibitor spotlight

As the exhibitors reflect on this years’ show, Hannah Johnson from EveryLIFE Technologies, sums up the exhibition experience: “Merchandise branded, hotels booked, stand built and everyone ready … show time is exciting! A lot of planning goes into the preparation for and attendance at big shows like The Care Show, so by the time the everyLIFE team arrived, everyone was raring to go.”

The Care Show arms you with the highest quality tools, training and technologies to deliver exceptional care and operate a profitable care business

November 2018 •

As in previous years, everyLIFE had a couple of speaking slots and this year Taffy Gatawa, chief information and compliance officer, gave a presentation entitled ‘Risky Business’, which focused on how care providers can demonstrate quality of care, achieve regulatory compliance and improve business processes. By using straightforward and actionable terms, Gatawa’s aim was to ensure delegates could walk away ready to apply changes and improvements straight away. After each talk, attendees were keen to find out more and of course, she was happy to help. “Back on the stand, as the crowds filtered through the hall, the noise levels rose and we started to get really busy,” says Johnson. “There were numerous demos of the PASSsystem, our digital care planning and management platform taking place throughout the day and people were really engaged in finding out more about the financial, efficiency and care quality benefits and just how these would improve their own businesses.” The show was also considered a success by Courtney Thorne. “Having care homes owners, managers and stakeholders - many of whom come to the event with budgets to spend - all in one location is fantastic,” says Dave Hewitt, sales and marketing director. “Both days provided a steady flow of potential customers, many of whom, as expected, were from the West Midlands, but additionally many were from further afield and all were intent on getting updated on the services and solutions available to the care sector. With the wide range of solutions being offered by exhibitors, it’s easy to understand why this event is so popular.


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