Elo has a broad portfolio of touchscreen solutions to meet the unique requirements for T&L and Manufacturing.

With over 40 years of touch technology expertise and a wide range of Android and Windows touchscreen products from 7 to 70”, Elo is the perfect one-stop-shop for your next generation Smart Manufacturing solution.

MORE INFO HERE FURTHER READING Ensure your customers avoid the common pitfalls of warehouse automation

As we laid out in our introduction, the main aim of this guide was to bring together insights from supply chain experts to provide you with a single source of intelligence about the challenges that your warehouse and logistics customers will face in 2020 and beyond.

Hopefully we have given a good overview of the key opportunities and threats that your customers will be facing and how you can position yourselves to provide integrated technology solutions that will enable them to address these challenges head on. Please do continue to leverage the knowledge of our team at ScanSource to help you maximise the potential business opportunities in this rapidly evolving industry.

While creating this brochure, we have discovered lots of excellent subject matter experts and content and if you wish to read more about this subject, we would recommend the following materials:

• The future of fulfilment vision study – this global research study commissioned by Zebra Technologies gives an overview of how retailers and logistics firms are preparing

to meet the growing needs of the on-demand economy. solutions/retail/vision-study/fulfillment-vision-study-report-en-us.pdf

• Making the case for automation in the distribution centre – Honeywell outlines the potential for process optimisation

that can be delivered through automation. https://www. roll-up-banners-HR-forklift.pdf


• The state of IoT in warehousing – this article in Modern Materials Handling discusses how IoT is being adopted in the supply chain to drive efficiency and the importance of

cloud technology for its ongoing adoption.

• The size and make-up of the UK Warehousing Sector - this whitepaper commissioned by UKWA examines the size and makeup of the UK warehousing sector. It answers questions on how much warehouse space there is in the UK, where it is, who occupies it, what space it currently occupies in the market and what the development pipeline

is for new warehouses.

• Transforming distribution operations through innovation – this article by Deloitte explores how industry 4.0 technologies enable warehousing facilities to adapt to significant changes in their business. center-operations.html

• 50 expert warehouse automation tips and best practices - top tips and best practices for warehouse automation from industry leaders.

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