We asked Howard Millman, Business Development Manager UKI at ScanSource for his views on the challenges facing the warehousing and logistics space and his advice on how resellers can best prepare themselves and their customers to achieve success with new technologies including cloud services.

What do you believe are the key challenges affecting the warehousing and logistics space right now?

• Android Migration – this is a big concern for many businesses, as it requires different solutions than in a non-android system. Therefore, businesses are having to rapidly change not only the way they operate, but also the technology they are using, in order to handle these new systems.

• E-commerce – this trend encompasses the well-known fact that people are increasingly moving to online shopping sites, as opposed to buying from high street stores. They are using online retailers such as Amazon and eBay, in addition to using online delivery services offered by traditional high street retailers and supermarkets. This trend leads directly to reverse logistics.

• Reverse logistics – Its not just the volume of outbound shipments causing challenges for the sector but increasingly the volume of returns is posing a significant threat to operational efficiency and profit. Earlier this year, ASOS announced that it was amending its free returns policy in an effort to crack down on “serial returners” and reduce costs.1

increase to £5.6 billion.2

At ScanSource, we strongly believe it is important for resellers to act as trusted advisors in this fast-paced, ever-changing industry. The reseller is the expert on the solutions they sell, and they need to share that experience and expertise with their customers but it’s also important to understand the bigger picture as solutions converge through data. By helping the end user to be more successful, this will, in return, better enable the reseller to solidify his or her role in their business. But first, it’s imperative that the reseller demonstrates value.

How exactly can resellers support their customers in the best way possible?

In our view, first and foremost, resellers need to gain a strong understanding of their end-user customers’ businesses and the challenges they are facing. Once they have uncovered the business challenges, we believe they need to demonstrate how technology can help them address these challenges, while also helping them grow and be profitable. Further to this, strategic solution selling is a requirement, as it enables the end user to be more efficient, by allowing the reseller to help the customer enhance and improve their way of doing business. This also helps resellers get closer to their customers and, again, serve as trusted advisors.

By 2023, online returns are forecast to Will other retailers go the same

way as ASOS? If not, then they will certainly need to streamline the returns process in order to get items back into the supply chain as soon as possible.

Digitalisation – 55% of organisations still use pen and paper to manage omnichannel logistics, proving there is still a lot to be done to streamline processes within the industry.

What advice would you give to resellers as they try to identify new business opportunities in the warehousing and logistics sector?

1 - ASOS profits plunge 2 - Rise of returns


We have found that the most successful reseller is one that can provide sophisticated sales and pre-sales support, education, training and technical support. This is in addition to a team that understands business issues and processes and can demonstrate a return on the investment, versus the reseller that simply provides insight on the “speeds and feeds” of a product, with no solution or value alongside it. If resellers don’t have the resources internally to delivery all these aspects, there is no shame in leaning on value added distributors to expand your capabilities, that’s what we’re here for.

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