THE WAREHOUSE Help your customers improve speed, agility, visibility and accuracy across the supply chain using auto ID technology.

According to a recent study, 89% of supply chain managers believe that investing in new technology would enable them to achieve time savings and improve worker productivity.1

With the same study

suggesting that mere seconds could result in vast time and cost- savings, which technologies should you be recommending to your customers, right here, right now.

In this guide, we’ve discussed several emerging and growth technologies including IoT, drones and robotics however, for many organisations the cost to implement these technologies at present is prohibitive.

There’s still a huge role for auto-id technologies to play in streamlining workflows across the supply chain. Whether your customers are some of the 55% still using paper-based processes or using 2nd or 3rd generation solutions, there are opportunities for efficiency gains, especially against a backdrop of growing consumer demands.

Fit for purpose It is extremely important to make sure that you understand your customers requirements fully and that you can recommend devices with the right mix of features and functionality to meet their current and future needs.

Examples could include functionality like 2D imaging. Although more expensive to deploy than 1D linear imaging, the total cost of ownership for 2D enabled devices is likely to be far less as the need to capture 2D symbologies including QR and Dot Matrix increases. Unlike linear based scanners, 2D imagers are also far more proficient at reading barcodes from screens as well as damaged and dirty barcodes, a common issue in the supply chain.

Device connectivity is also a key consideration with different options impacting how data is transferred from the device to back office systems and peripheral devices, and even how employees communicate and collaborate with one another.

AndroidTM migration

Aside from ensuring that devices are fit for purpose, our top recommendation in the auto-id space is to start migrating your customers to AndroidTM

. In case you hadn’t heard, Microsoft has announced that it will 1 – 7 Reasons to Automate DC Workflows, Honeywell. Solutions in WAREHOUSE & LOGISTICS

end support for Windows Mobile 10 at the end of December 2019, a decision that will affect millions of rugged data capture devices across Europe.

The good news is that AndroidTM certified devices are already

widely available from the leading manufacturers and have several proven benefits, including the ability to:

• • • •

Minimise fulfilment errors

Increase inventory accuracy and tracking Pick and pack more item-level goods Accelerate the pace of order fulfilment

• Work uninterrupted •

Protect and secure operations

End users can also slash training time, on-boarding workers faster and providing them with a modern and intuitive user experience.

Asking the right questions? It’s hard to offer your customers the right auto-id solutions if you don’t have the right information. Here a some of the questions you can ask to establish which solutions are right for your customers.

• How many different devices are you using in the supply chain?

• How quickly can your workers find an item and fulfil a customer order?

• How do you currently instruct workers on picking?

• How accurate are the orders you ship? • How does your workforce communicate with one another? • How many steps and/or people are there in your picking process?

• Do your devices often disconnect from your Wi-Fi network? •

How long does it take to upload/download data? • How long does it take you to train new employees?

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