With more and more products moving through warehouses, they often struggle to keep everything moving at an acceptable pace. The difficulties of complex stock management, such as inventory, delivery and order picking, is made a lot easier with solutions that cover all the aspects of logistics and warehousing. Unitech offers omni- channel solutions that are made with one thing in mind: increasing the efficiency and decreasing the costs. The Unitech ES-series is a range of embedded scanners for automated dispatching from A to B. This is an ideal solution for processing incoming parcels. Also, Unitech’s new EA500Plus is a high-performance handheld, with the look and feel of a modern smartphone, but withstands the harshest working environments. It can synchronize seamlessly with your existing hardware with Android 8.0 and GMS certification. Unitech also offers the possibility of rapidly scanning and processing your inventory with RFID tags by using the HT510A with UHF module, the EA500Plus with its RP100 RFID trigger handle or the Android 9 PA760 with the RG760 RFID trigger handle.

ASSETS MANAGEMENT The complexity of some stocks is a nightmare for many warehouses. They often look for a single solution to sort out the mountains of inventory. But often, the complexity of warehousing is met with an ad-hoc storing solution with no clear structure. Luckily, Unitech’s enterprise level PDA’s, such as the new PA760 can offer clarity and more efficiency in the process, including the option connect an Extra Long Range 2D Scanner trigger handle or UHF scanning module with POGO pin connectivity. This way, Unitech offers a comprehensive and flexible solution of assets management in the warehousing industry. Combined with high performance and extreme ruggedness, the Unitech PA760 can function in any environment.

ORDER PICKING Making sure that the order picking process moves quickly can be quite a time- consuming job. The percentage of human error in this fast-paced environment is significant. What your employees often need, is an easy-to-use solution that is timesaving with less physical strain. Unitech offers a great combination of solutions for this problem, with its wearable devices; WD100 and MS652. Both devices can be integrated with your existing hard- and software seamlessly. The WD100 wearable PDA offers extremely user-friendly data gathering and pairs incredibly easy with the MS652 ring scanner. This way, your employees have both hands free to work more efficiently and stress-free, aided by lightweight, wearable devices. With the wireless options that are available, they can stay up to date with the latest incoming orders and pickings, which can greatly increase your efficiency and therefor, decrease time and costs.

What can ScanSource offer to resellers?

We are dedicated to filling a need in the channel by providing reseller partners with best-of-breed products and superior support. ScanSource focuses on bringing its customers the best products in the industry, so whether an end user is looking for barcode printer and scanners, POS systems, unified communications (UC) solutions or video conference systems, ScanSource is the one-stop shop for resellers. Our partnerships with industry-leading manufacturers can also help resellers strengthen their position in the market and in addition, we provide a range of value-added services including professional services, training and even marketing support, to ensure that our partners are as successful as they can be.

How can ScanSource help end users and partners leverage the cloud?

ScanSource’s focus and commitment to cloud has been developing over the past few years and, although we already had solutions in place, the focus has been on putting more emphasis behind our cloud offering. We have achieved this with two goals. The first was the cloud practice and the second was the Intelisys Global acquisition. This enabled us to strengthen our cloud proposition and meant we acquired an expansive portfolio of new vendors, which our customers will have access to.

Cloud based solutions have been rapidly growing in the market, but a physical device is still needed and ScanSource provides both. Driven by end user demands and technology, ScanSource’s market approach focuses on offering the total solution to our customers together with pre-sales and implementation support.


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