Using a synergistic combination of plant extracts to prevent intestinal inflammation


arm animals have an intense metabolism, making them vulnerable to changes. Other parameters such as environmental events, critical production periods and modification of diet characteristics can affect

performance. Those challenges can affect all animal species with various consequences: • Weaning or feed transition: the new formula is first recog- nised as a stranger by the organism

• Events around vaccination, heat stress period, gestation, farrowing, calving, lactation: intense fat metabolism

• Metabolism intensity such as laying and lactation peaks, and high average daily weight gain, which are periods requiring high energetic needs

These stresses trigger inflammatory, oxidative stress and im- mune system warning reactions, which are major phenome- na in the animals’ life and can cause a lack of performance and profitability. Effectively, the dysfunction of the intestinal barrier can lead to an increase in intestinal permeability (leaky gut syndrome) to endotoxin for example, a component of the walls of gram-negative bacteria, which cause local or systemic inflammatory reactions, or both. The immune re- sponse can then lead to more serious conditions. Recent liter- ature describes the fact that up to 30% of the ingested ener- gy can be used to manage these processes. Hence, assessing barrier integrity by modulating the intestinal inflammation status of the animal is of the utmost importance.

Inflammation and plant extracts Various solutions are available in the animal nutrition market to contribute to supporting animals during those stressful pe- riods and reducing the use of antibiotics. Active ingredients from plant extracts appear to offera solution. Wisium’s R&D department have been working on a selection of plant extract combinations, known for centuries in the traditional Asian pharmacopeia for having individual anti-inflammatory, an- ti-oxidant and analgesic properties. The most powerful

Intestinal inflammation can impair the absorption of nutrients and up to 30% of the energy ingested can be used to manage this process instead of contributing to performance. Making sure that both energy and nutrients are efficiently absorbed and used by the animal is the main goal of nutritionists.

combination was selected thanks to its synergistic effects to create the patented product POWERJET made of a plant from the alkaloid family and a second one from neo-lignans. It aims to peacefully manage these transition periods: maintaining the feed intake and levels of nutrients assimilation while allo- cating the maximum of “efficient energy” to the animals’ pro- duction needs by modulating inflammatory response at the intestinal level, oxidative stress and immune response. The benefits of a combination of plant extracts have been demon- strated in in vitro research and confirmed by in vivo studies in- cluding trials on R&D facilities and also in the field.

in vitro research A university trial has been conducted in Beauvais (France) in order to assess the synergistic impact of the plant extracts on both intestinal integrity and inflammatory process. Human colon cells have been cultivated and then stimulated with a severe model of inflammation (cytokines cocktail). The plant extracts have been tested alone andin combination to evalu- ate their impact on Trans-Epithelial Electric Resistance (TEER) and Interleukins 8 secretion (IL-8). The TEER is an indicator of intestinal integrity. Highest is the TEER, well-preserved tight junctions of intestinal cells that ensure good absorption of nutrients. IL-8 are pro-inflammatory markers and their pro- ductions reflect the level of the inflammation. With the in- flammatory challenge, TEER is significantly decreased vs the negative control, meaning that the intestinal integrity is al- tered (see Table 1) The addition of the combination of the al- kaloids and neo-lignans plants delivers a significant improve- ment in intestinal integrity whereas alkaloids alone or

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