Faculty and Staff Hiring Five new highly qualified faculty members with P-12 credentials and experience in public school districts joined the College of Education. Te academic disciplines represented by the new faculty are: Dr. Sandra Sumerfield, Assistant Professor – Reading Education Dr. Lap Nguyen, Assistant Professor – Early Childhood Education Mr. Nathan Boles, Assistant Professor – Intervention Specialist Education Ms. Jennifer Turpin-Stanfield, Assistant Professor – Recreation Education Ms. Katrina Swinehart, Assistant Professor – Agricultural Education Dr. Joshua Singer, Assistant Professor – Language Arts and Intervention Specialist Education

College of Engineering, Science, Technology, and Agriculture (CESTA)

Farm Bill Funding Te College of Science, Engineering, Technology, and Agriculture worked with the Ohio Congressional Delegation to amend the 2018 Farm Bill which will provide increased base funding for land-grant Research and Extension. Tis funding will position CSU to provide more research experiences, capacity building, and outreach services.

Partnerships Te College of Science, Engineering, Technology, and Agriculture established a partnership with the Montgomery County, Ohio, Board of Supervisors to engage in water systems and wastewater management projects. Tis partnership provided a one-to-one match between our land-grant programs and the County that yielded $400,000 for the first two years. Students are hired for summer internships to work with Montgomery County Environmental Services, and faculty from the Environmental Engineering program are working with the County’s Environmental Services unit to address water quality issues.

A partnership with the City of Trotwood, Ohio, has been developed with Central State University Extension to conduct activities for four signature programs: 4-H Youth Development; Agriculture and Natural Resources; Community and Economic Development; and Family and Consumer Sciences.

Te College of Science, Engineering, Technology, and Agriculture is currently occupying 6,500 square-feet in an 80,000 square-feet facility recently constructed in Xenia, Ohio, for Extension and academic activities. Tis Recreation, Education, Activity, Community, and Health (REACH) Center is a collaborative effort between the YMCA of Greater Dayton, Kettering Health Network, the City of Xenia, Xenia Adult Recreation and Services Center, Clark State Community College, and Central State University.

Hallie Q. Brown Memorial Library

Renovation Exterior and interior renovations occurring over the last four years to the Hallie Q. Brown Memorial Library are completed. Te interior renovations concluded during spring 2019 with upgrades to all three floors of the building. Some of the upgrades include the consolidation of the circulating stacks, modern furnishings integrated with technology and think spaces, a highly interactive video wall, the addition of study rooms, and administrative office spaces. Tese renovations and 21st-century upgrades increase the ease of locating information, and promote collaborative and singular study throughout the library. Also created was a presidential archive room that gives acknowledgments to previous administrations. Te total cost of these renovations exceeded $8.5M.

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