Te student-led chapter of the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) on campus received funds to create a special project from NAMI Greene, Clark, and Montgomery counties. Te special project was an art therapy painting event held on February 20, 2019. Te event provided a relaxing activity for students to reduce stress and promote mental health awareness. A total of 29 students participated. Students enjoyed and gave positive feedback for this event.

Te Sexual Assault Support Services (SASS) developed a collaborative partnership with the Family Violence Prevention Center through a Memorandum of Understanding to provide support for survivors of sexual assault. Tey held support group sessions on February 20, March 20, and April 17, 2019. Counseling Services also collaborated with the CSU PEACE Program for a Sexual Assault Awareness kickoff. Tis event provided information for survivors of sexual assault.

Central State Emerging Scholars Program received extensive assistance through community support. Collaborative efforts with the Ohio Reach Office, Ohio Bridges Program, and Care Closet in conjunction with CSU Alumni, CSU Interfaith staff, and other local agencies supported homeless youth and students who have exited the foster care system to assist with retention. Fourteen scholars attended an Eta Phi Beta networking breakfast on February 23, 2019. Te purpose of this event was to allow CSU students to meet and establish a rapport with leaders in the Dayton community who may serve as future mentors and assist with job seeking endeavors. More than 80 CSU students benefited from monetary and personal care donations by Alumni.

Counseling Services collaborated with Struggles Transform into Extraordinary Possibilities of Success (STEPS), which is a student organization whose mission is to create programming/activities that focus on mental and emotional wellness. Te collaboration resulted in an innovative Stress Relief program for students. Te relaxation elements included hand massages, yoga, painting, and aromatherapy. Events were scheduled during final exam week each semester and served over 500 students.

A number of students experience food insecurity. Hunger and financial stresses can result in students performing poorly academically and/or dropping out before completing their degree. As a result of these concerns, Counseling Services partnered with the land-grant Extension program to help distribute fresh food through a mobile food bank that visits the campus monthly.

Te Student Health Services staff is part of a newly created Student Care and Support Team (S-Cast Team). Tis team consists of the Student Health Services staff including Counseling Services and Office of Academic Empowerment & Accessibility (OAEA), the dean of students, General Counsel, and Residence Life. Te team meets periodically to identify and monitor CSU students who experience physical and mental health challenges in an effort to create support plans and improve retention.

Te ADA compliance coordinator increased the visibility of OAEA services for students resulting in the registration of 93 new students with disabilities during the fall 2018 semester. Te total number of students enrolled in OAEA (300) reflected a 20% increase compared with the same time in 2017, reflecting aggressive outreach at student orientation and other events. Additionally, three grants were received. Te first grant, from the Center for Instructional Technology Innovation (CITI), funded an extensive OAEA renovation project which is located in the Harry M. Lackey/Benjamin F. Lee Health Center. Te project began May 29, 2018 and included ADA compliant areas: front building entrance, OAEA suite entrance, accessible restroom, student proctor/training area, student lounge, and restroom.



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