Compelling Priority 5: Develop Graduates with Knowledge, Skills, and Dispositions for Professional Careers or Advanced Studies

Central State University connects curricula and professional development activities to the broader community and continues to develop and strengthen partnerships with Ohio businesses and industries to promote learning opportunities for graduate education and/or the workplace. Te University aims to bridge theory with practice by students demonstrating the performance of skills related to a chosen field of study.

Academic Affairs College of Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences

Co-curricular Activities Criminal Justice faculty invited law enforcement agencies to campus for information and recruitment presentations. Criminal Justice students increased participation in internships with law enforcement agencies which include the Greene County Adult Probation Department, Dayton Correctional Institution, Montgomery County Juvenile Court, Domestic Relations Court, and the Greene County Juvenile Detention Center.

Central State University’s annual Communications Week has grown from a one-day event to a full-week event that brings media professionals to the CSU campus. Te overarching goal of Communications Week is to bridge the gap between academia and the professional world of journalism and mass communications. Tis year marked the 24th anniversary of the event, and we have hosted more than 500 speakers since its inception.

Communications Week provides much-needed experiential learning for communications majors and other students. As a result, the week is heavily student-centered. Students chair the Communications Week Committee, set up for events, serve as the sole moderators for all the sessions, present original research, produce news briefs of the previous day’s activities, and videotape all the sessions. As participants in these activities, students have an outlet that allows potential employers to observe them. During the week, faculty, students, and industry professionals have the opportunity to engage in valuable discourse and gain a better understanding of the needs and expectations of one another.

Each year, our students secure internships or employment with employers whom they meet during Communications Week. Te Communications program at CSU has received positive responses about this event from students. Likewise, industry participants comment on how useful it is for them to have intimate access to a diverse pool of future professionals.

In summary Communications Week is designed to 1) help students improve their writing, speaking, interviewing, leadership, and team building skills 2) give students a forum to keep abreast of techniques and trends within the industry 3) provide students with networking opportunities 4) provide students an opportunity to present original research 5) give students access to information about graduate and/or professional schools 6) expose students to diverse points of view 7) provide a forum for faculty and students to exchange ideas with peers 8) maintain contact with alumni

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