Compelling Priority 6: Efficient and Effective Operations

Central State University’s tenets of Service...Protocol...Civility® guides the institution in being reflective and active in its application of University operations to ensure that resources and programs are implemented effectively and efficiently.

Academic Affairs

Office of the Registrar – Computer Hub Te Registrar’s office designed a self-help, digital-assisted area where students can add/drop and register for courses, eliminating paper registration. Tis digital program also assists faculty in submitting attendance, grades, etc., aligning time-sensitive operations for academic early alerts, and timely financial aid disbursements.

Student Affairs and Enrollment Management

Student Health Services Te Student Health Services implemented an electronic health records data collection process. Automation increases the accuracy of medical documentation and speeds the retrieval of medical data. When required, prescriptions can also now be entered electronically to local pharmacies, saving time for students.

In collaboration with other University offices, Student Health Services worked with other University areas to restructure the mandatory First-Year Experience (FYE) course. Specific health and wellness goals, objectives, outcomes, and activities are incorporated into the FYE class.

An emergency transport/notification form and feedback loop from Kettering Health Network (KHN) Emergency rooms were designed. When a CSU clinic provider sends a student by ambulance to the emergency room (during normal duty hours when the clinic is open), this new form facilitates the transfer and follow-up of students. Te receiving hospital will now receive the student’s medical history, pertinent exam findings, and major concerns of CSU-examining providers prior to the arrival of the student. Local KHN hospitals are now sending more discharge summaries directly to the clinic after a student is discharged.

Administration and Finance

Capital Improvement Projects We have managed more than $50M in projects that improved the campus environment and reduced deferred maintenance issues. Major projects include new housing, Residential/Academic/Wellness complex, library renovation, aquaponics project, CSU-Xenia, Botanical Garden, and the campus beautification initiative.

A new $25M three story, 250-bed residence hall is being constructed on campus to provide a new option for upper-class student housing. Te new apartment-style residence hall is located behind the McPherson Memorial Stadium.

We have expanded additional dining options in the new residence hall and Hallie Q. Brown Memorial Library along with major upgrades to the athletic complex. Tis project was an investment of over $2M in campus upgrades.



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