Student Affairs & Enrollment Management

Office of Violence Against Women Program – Te Office for Violence Against Women Program is devoted to providing advocacy, support, and education to reduce the occurrence of interpersonal violence crimes, stalking, and sexual violence. Funded through federal and state grant programs, this office is committed to creating and maintaining a campus environment that is free from interpersonal violence through active, intentional, and engaging programming, and fruitful partnerships with local agencies.

Residential Life Program – has been restructured employing current best practice models to provide a higher quality on-campus experience focusing on greater student engagement. Changes include implementation of a new housing selection process, revisions to the resident assistant training program, and professional staff responsibilities/expectations. Tese changes are part of a larger effort to support student retention programming.

Title IX Coordinator – Annual training was conducted with staff, faculty, and students regarding procedures to follow before reporting all sex-based discrimination as required by federal law. Updated information on Title IX compliance including resources was added to the Central State University (CSU) website and Central State University’s athletics web page. Up-to-date information is also available on the official CSU Title IX Twitter account @CSUKnowYourIX.

By strengthening relationships with outside community resources and agencies, students, staff, and faculty have access to helpful Title IX resources. Tese resources have supported a healthy environment for reporting Title IX concerns. Increased training and access to resources have also enhanced the overall student experience, increasing student leadership initiatives and have resulted in a more informed campus. Tis training will occur annually to ensure updated information is available to current students, employees, and incoming students.

Information Technology (IT)

Classrooms Without Walls was designed to create modern, collaborative, and technology-enhanced learning spaces to support retention and student success while expanding the reach of academic instruction beyond the limitations of the physical classroom. Other underserved populations, including non-traditional, graduate, College Credit Plus, and continuing education students will benefit from these enhancements. Te “Classrooms Without Walls” project was included in the University’s capital fund request and was awarded $1.15M from the State of Ohio to upgrade one-third of our classrooms and computer labs.

Te design process for the new academic spaces commenced immediately in collaboration with a committee comprised of faculty members from each college. Te new learning spaces were designed with industry-grade video conferencing technology to create an immersive learning experience with the capability of delivering media-rich instruction directly to virtual students on their laptops, tablets, and smartphones.

Te new learning environments also include new modular, reconfigurable furniture, and updated fixtures and finishes to promote interactivity and collaboration,. Approximately 15-20 new academic spaces have been allocated throughout buildings encompassing the four colleges and are scheduled to be completed by August 2019.



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