Phase Two of the Hallie Q. Brown Memorial Library Renewal Project ($8M) included completion of HVAC system upgrades, building repairs, and internal modernization, creation of a Presidential Archive Room, and updated visual technology.

Improvements to the athletic facilities at McPherson Stadium ($2M) will include new synthetic turf (to allow year-round use of the field) and an updated running surface so CSU can once again host home track and field events after a 17-year hiatus.

Campus Infrastructure Improvements – Te Ohio Department of Transportation completed pavement of interior streets, and repair of curbs and sidewalks in 2018. Achieve Strategy Group (ASG) assisted the University administration in the coordination of these activities, and future capital planning and funding for additional improvements. Te 2019 construction includes a new sidewalk between Central State and Wilberforce University along U.S. Route 42.

Reduced Spending and Increased Revenue Te University ranked in the top five in the DP&L retro-commissioning project portfolio. Tis project generated 91% in savings on electric and 208% savings on natural gas spending. Buildings included in this project include the Joshua I. Smith Center for Education & Natural Sciences, Paul Robeson Cultural & Performing Arts Center, and Beacom/Lewis Gymnasium.

Rebates and commissions totaling over more than $200,000 were negotiated with SodexoMAGIC, Barnes & Noble, Enterprise, and other campus partners, including JP Morgan Chase, E & I Cooperative, GBEX, and Pepsi.

Te financial team identified several opportunities to improve the University financial health and efficiencies. Tese actions saved more than 200 man-hours through securing ADP to handle key payroll activities and establishing new reconciliation processes. Additionally, the University increased investment income by $50,000 by moving excess cash to a savings account with STAR Ohio.

Benefits to Students Campus partners Barnes & Nobles and SodexoMAGIC as campus partners provided employment opportunities for 137 students, totaling more than $50,000 in student wages in the 2018-19 academic year.

Te CSU Marauder Tuition Guarantee Program holds the cost of tuition and fees for four years for all new, full-time students starting in fall 2019. Tis program is one of several strategic initiatives that demonstrates the University’s commitment to college affordability as we are the lowest cost four-year public institution in Ohio.



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