HEADING FOR £1M IN SALES It might be a bad year for many, but it’s not at all bad for cleaning chemical manufacturer, Greyland, reports CEO Richard Dyson.

As with most manufacturers, the year has been challenging for Greyland to say the least, however, continuous investment in production equipment, together with forward planning, innovation and efficiencies, plus rapid reaction to customer demand, have staved off the worst of the effects of the current virus-induced Lockdown and subsequent downturn.

After launching its Maximum Eco environmental range in March, the first comprehensive product line of its kind that includes not only a UK-sourced Probiotic Enzymes


CASE FOR PaaS MODEL The changing landscape of the energy sector is driving the uptake of new service-based models for the maintenance and care of electrical infrastructure, a new white paper from Vattenfall Networks Solutions has concluded.

Vattenfall’s free-to-download white paper has been produced for anyone concerned with the ownership and management of high-voltage electrical infrastructure in energy- intensive businesses where network stability is business-critical.

Written in jargon-free language, the white paper, which can be accessed from Vattenfall’s website, communicates a clear commercial case for Power-as-a-Service (PaaS).

Vattenfall’s PaaS service, which is the first of its kind in the UK, provides major energy users with power services in exchange for a fixed monthly fee. It can help major energy users by freeing up significant working capital from their high voltage energy infrastructure for reinvestment in their core business.

For anyone not yet familiar with this service model, the paper offers an

range, but also a water-based range as well; successfully passing CHSA accreditation for their new Cleaning Chemical Manufacturers Scheme this Summer; increasing the amount of recycled polymer in its bottles to an unprecedented 40% in the UK, Greyland now say it will have comfortably sold over £1m worth of its new one-minute anti-coronavirus Spray and Wipe Ultra by Christmas.

Ready to use and foodsafe, it was only launched on restricted sale in April this year, but has been a sales phenomenon ever since, primarily due to its one-minute effective kill time.

Spray & Wipe Ultra is an aldehyde- free high performance disinfectant and thus is an essential product in the fight against cross infection in hospitals, care homes, schools, leisure centres and sports facilities,

overview of PaaS and establishes the short, medium and long-term commercial advantages it brings to energy intensive businesses.

The white paper will be of interest to multiple layers and job functions within organisations ranging from production and engineering professionals concerned about energy resilience and security and stability of energy supply; to CEOs and CFOs focused on the negative financial and brand- damaging impacts of power-outages and unplanned downtime.

The paper also explains the operational, financial and environmental benefits of PaaS and provides examples of real-life best practice case studies where companies are already benefiting from the model.

Stewart Dawson, Managing Director of Vattenfall Network Solutions, said: “At a time when many businesses are exploring new ways to release value from their electrical

hotels and all workplaces.

Launching now due to high demand is a perfumed 50:1 concentrate, Citrus Ultra 4-in-1 formulated to clean, disinfect, deodorise and descale many surfaces in high traffic washrooms. Effective against a wide spectrum of micro-organisms including E-coli and coronaviruses, large sales are expected for Citrus Ultra 4-in-1 very quickly too.

Call: +44 (0)161 343 3830 Email:

assets, our Power-as-a-Service model provides peace of mind for major electricity users while freeing up financial capital.

“As PaaS is still a new commercial model, we felt that it was important to support the market with content that explains this model from the ground-up. We urge anyone concerned with maintaining a reliable energy supply in their business to read the paper and open up a conversation with us to see how we can help.”

To download a copy of the paper, click here.


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