INFECTION CONTROL In some establishments just the appearance of cleanliness can be sufficient. However, within the care home and healthcare sector, cleaning is paramount, and needs to be consistent and effective to ensure the possibility of infection is eradicated, or at least significantly reduced.

Rotowash’s range of floor cleaning machines can help you overcome these challenges, becoming an integral part of an effective cleaning regime. Rotowash makes a range of floor cleaning machines that are used extensively on hard floors, safety floors and carpets. The company has a significant presence in both the private and public sectors with many hospitals and care homes entrusting their cleaning regimes to Rotowash equipment.

The system works exceptionally well on textured surfaces, such as safety flooring, tiles and carpets, and carries many endorsements from leading flooring manufacturers.

Health and safety is a key focus within our business so we are particularly keen to ensure that anyone who uses a Rotowash can do so without putting themselves at any unnecessary risks. Firstly, it is an extremely versatile machine, which is easy to use and has been designed specifically to minimise musculoskeletal impacts and any subsequent disorders. To further endorse this principle, we also offer free training to all operatives for the lifetime of the machine. This means that any new user can be properly trained to both use and maintain our machines, which effectively safeguards them and as importantly, protects the longevity of the machines our clients have purchased.

Recognising the importance of infection control, we are also able to provide a full range of colour coded brushes that helps eliminate any fears of cross-contamination. Any of the company's brushes can be changed quickly and easily, without needing an Allen key, thus enabling you to safely use the same machine throughout your facilities.

At Rotowash, selling a client a machine is only the start of the customer relationship. It is vitally important that it puts in place a process that looks aſter the customers’ asset and it does this through its Service Department. Its comprehensive aſter-sales support team, manned by a dedicated network of engineers, service items so as to minimise downtime with minimal disruption to the client’s workflow or business. With the Preventative Maintenance Agreement (PMA), which operates on a rolling twelve-month basis, clients are also covered for all call out and labour costs in the event of emergency repairs. Not only that, but the PMA provides a

managed maintenance programme with planned service visits carried out on a five-month cycle.

Whilst this is one of greatest strengths, it does have a downside – machines that are regularly serviced and looked aſter will last for over twenty years. This is of course a fantastic testament to one of the benefits of the Rotowash machine but it does mean that the company cannot go back and sell its customers a new machine every couple of years! The machines are built to last and Rotawash is so confident in this fact that its provides a three-year warranty with every new machine sold.

Safeguarding the environment for future generations is everyone’s responsibility and this is something that Rotowash are keen to play a part in. Thanks to its unique design features, the Rotowash machines are designed to use up to 90% less water and chemicals than used in conventional cleaning machines.

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